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and small and medium-sized businesses have newly established inside sales departments.

However, some of the people in the Inside Sales department, who are still new in Japan and have few success stories, seem to find it 's painful'.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why inside-sales seems to be "hard." In particular, if you are in charge of sales department and marketing department management is a must read!

Is "inside sales" painful?

Inside-sales sales are conducted by internal communication such as telephone, mail and chat based on the information (leads) of potential customers acquired by the marketing department. It is a sales method that has been attracting attention in recent years, but when you search for "inside sales" on Google, you will find words that make you uneasy.

"Inside sales hard"

What appears in Google Suggest means that the keyword "inside sales hard" has been searched quite a number of times.

Em Tame! The company that operates the media also has an inside sales department, so you can clearly understand the desire to search so. However, it's too bad for us to encourage marketing soaring that inside-sales impressions are just "hot" jobs. So, this time, I would like to delve into the causes of the "spiciness" of inside sales.

2. Inside sales will be the core of the sales organization from now on

First, let's review the background to the increasing demand for inside sales.

With the evolution of cloud technology, in Japan, "subscription type" services that use software on the cloud for a fixed fee such as monthly fees have become extremely popular. A subscription-based business model is one where users can get a stable profit by keeping the contract long even if the unit price for one user is low. In addition, many companies offer a basic service free of charge and use the "freemium" strategy to charge for advanced services in order to lower the entry barrier.

In such a business model, "to get interested customers to become a free member first" and "to shift from a free service to a paid service" are important issues. Inside sales plays a role of "growing" potential customers into actual customers by communicating with customers remotely in this business strategy.

With this background, companies that want to set up an inside sales department are very much in the market, and various tools are also being sold to streamline inside sales.

However, there have been few successful cases of inside sales in Japan, and companies that have already adopted inside sales are still in the process of trial and error. The reason why people who are engaged in inside sales feel "striking" may be because they have a strong feeling that they do not know the correct answer.

3. It is a big organizational problem to make you think that it is "scratchy"

Based on our experience in practicing inside sales, I think that the cause of the “smartness” of inside sales comes not from the business itself but from the instability of the organization and system. We summarized common issues in an organization where the inside sales department is not working well.

(1) Recognition from other departments is low

For companies that previously focused on field sales (outside sales), the inside sales department may be considered as a subordinate organization of the field sales department or may be considered as a teleapo unit for the sales department. It is common.

Other departments are also considered to have a sales role, so they are misunderstood as “inside sales performance = sales” and tend to see less contribution when compared to field sales.

For example, such casual words from other departments are driving inside sales ... 
"It's hard to call me forever" (... I think it's a tele appointment team !?) 
"Call me forever, "I 
can't come to my office all day?"

(2) Can not achieve KPI and KGI

The inability to achieve KPI and KGI will cause every department to feel the difficulty of work, but in the case of the inside sales department, there is a problem that the setting is deviated from the beginning because of the newness of the work There is a case.

● Reasons I can not achieve 1: First of all, there are few leads

Getting a lead isn't a job, as the Inside Sales department is different from the Teleapo unit and the Marketing department. As an organization, if you do not have the number of leads that can achieve the KPI and KGI you set in the first place, it is natural that you can not reach your goal because there is nowhere inside sales can approach by phone or email. If you do not have enough leads, it may be better to dedicate a marketing budget for lead acquisition.

● Reason for not being achieved 2: First of all, products with long lead times

In the first place, despite the fact that the lead time is a long-term product, do you not have KGI that immediately produces results? 
Inside sales are not an immediate measure. Generally, it is said that it will take at least half a year to achieve results. Furthermore, if the product has a long lead time, the time to grow inside sales will be longer, so the time to success will be longer.

● Reason 3 can not be achieved: KPI · KGI is not the purpose in the first place

If only the number of apo acquisitions and the number of actions (calls and opportunities) are used as the indicator of inside sales, the person in charge is desperate to handle the number of calls regardless of the content and quality, and to acquire apo. As a result, the inside sales department may become a teleapo unit, or the sales may be swayed by poor quality apo and become inefficient.

Inside-sales needs a metric that was originally intended to "get a potential customer." For example, "number of status ups" and "number of ranks up". It is important to keep track of multiple KPIs in a balanced manner by combining such indicators with the number of apoons, the number of projects, and the number of orders received.

(3) The measure changes and I can not see the correct answer

Not only inside sales, but all new business divisions are common issues, but when launching a business that does not have in-house know-how, it is necessary to try in various short spans until the correct answer is found. 
In order to test the hypotheses, it is also necessary to handle “quantity,” but having to go through the cycle of setting up a temporary unit and handling the quantity alone is a task that requires extremely tough mental power.

In addition, there is a good side that there is no information in the company, and when you request information from outside, you can sympathize with each other and exchange information. However, because inside sales are still in its early days, there is also the problem that there is little information that is "successful" in the first place and you have to spend a lot of private time.

As you can see, it is natural for you to feel hard with the mind that you can not see the correct answer and that you can not really know what you are doing right. The ideal is to have a positive sense of "I will find the correct answer!" But in order to do so, it is essential to support the boss and the surroundings.

(4) The ratio of people in field sales and inside sales is biased

If the ratio of inside sales to field sales is too biased, it may not be possible to successfully implement the measures. 
A company with a successful inside sales team seems to have teamed field sales and inside sales 1: 1. By doing so, the PDCA can be exchanged daily between the teams, and by exchanging information with other teams, it seems that the success know-how can be quickly accumulated.

At the start of the department, I often hear that only one or two inside sales people say, but there are cases where it is difficult because there is only one person.

(5) Itami of sales and marketing department

Inside Sales is a department that bridges the sales department and the marketing department to maximize results. 
Therefore, in the launch period, segment items for selecting leads must be linked with marketing measures, and sales must be combined with good quality apo conditions and customer tracking methods.

However, there are times when you think that any department can not afford to maximize the results of its own department. Because inside sales are intermediate organizations, it takes a lot of time to put together and often suffer from both claims.

(6) Tools for efficiency improvement are not introduced

In general, inside sales require tools such as MA, SFA, and online opportunities. 
As mentioned earlier, the launch side of the inside sales department is often organized with a small number of people, but we often hear that the tools for efficiency can not be easily introduced due to the small number of organizations. If the tool is not introduced, there is only "do your best" with manpower no matter how long, and the time until the effect comes out naturally becomes long.

4. How to solve?

In summary, it can be understood that the cause of “inside sales hard” is a difficult problem. 
However, as we all know, if you have been involved in a new business, the most effective way to solve these problems is to "get results."

And, in order to ensure that the inside sales representative can cite the results, it is essential to understand the superiors and the organization. 

To that end, it is important for the top of the organization and the management personnel to understand the necessity and importance of inside sales well and to keep them informed to the whole organization many times carefully.

In content marketing, we will introduce the mechanism for finding potential customers. 
What information is useful to the user? What content do you need? How is the content management system? We deliver information that answers common questions of content marketing!

Pros and cons of creating videos with crowdsourcing

While the needs for using videos such as advertisements, sales tools, and in-house training have increased, the number of clients making video productions is also diversifying. 
As in the past, it is not the only way to request an advertising agency, but recently more and more people are using crowdsourcing to request production companies and freelancer video creators to produce videos. 

This time, let's introduce the features of each video production client and the advantages and disadvantages you want to know when using crowdsourcing.

1. Know where to request video production

I think that there is not much to deal directly with video production companies for general companies. That's where they come in: “requests” that introduce you to a production company, or control in between. 

The clients can be roughly divided into three categories: advertising agencies, web production companies, and crowdsourcing.

Advertising agency

Professionals in video production, mainly advertising. The famous video creators and the appointment of talents and celebrities are also led by advertising agencies, and they support high quality video production. 

In addition, I am also good at media mixes linked to multiple media such as newspapers, magazines, and the Web as well as videos. Therefore, production costs tend to be high.

Web production company

If the main thing is video production to be uploaded to websites and SNS, it is best to consult a web production company. Depending on the purpose of the animation, such as in-house training and sales tools as well as advertising, we can respond flexibly. 

However, since the main business is web production, quality may not be secured if the company has little experience in video production and know-how. Also, since most companies outsource, there is one side that costs are high.


It is a service that connects with a client through a website that many video creators register. We respond to a variety of video production according to the client's purpose, quality request and needs. 

In crowdsourcing services, there are services provided by the operating company as a point of contact, and services in which the client mainly interacts with the production company are available.

2. Advantages of Asking Crowdsourcing for Video Production

Of the three types of clients listed above, the use of crowdsourcing has recently increased. The reasons are summarized in the following benefits:

  • (1) The production cost can be reduced

    There are many creators not only corporations but also individual image creators, and they can produce videos at a reasonable cost compared to asking companies such as advertising agencies and web production companies.

  • (2) We can cope with various video production

    As video creators with various achievements and backgrounds are registered, creators who are good at the client's purpose (advertisement, company guidance, human resource development, etc.) will handle the production.

  • (3) Short delivery time also possible

    With regard to delivery time, you can select a video creator according to the client's convenience, so it will respond more quickly and flexibly than advertising agencies and web production companies.

3. Disadvantages of requesting crowdsourcing for video production

While there are benefits, you should be aware of the following when using crowdsourcing:

  • (1) There is a difference in quality

    In addition to differences in the skills of creators, in crowdsourcing where orders are made on a one-by-one basis, the same producers may not handle the next work again, which may lead to differences in overall video quality.

  • (2) It is difficult for detailed requests to be transmitted

    Communication with video creators is mainly by phone and email, and there are few direct meetings and talks. Because of this, it is difficult to convey detailed nuances and requests, and the video may not complete according to the image.

  • (3) Intermediate margin occurs

    Crowdsourcing services, in which the operating company provides window support, incur a fee under the name of the introduction fee or support fee for creators. It will be higher by the middle margin than direct trading.

4. Summary

You may be considering crowdsourcing to reduce video production costs. 
However, what is important is the purpose of "what is the purpose of making video?" Emphasis on cost not much at the expense of quality, as a result, if you can not achieve your goal, you will end up falling at the end of the day. 

In order not to do so, it is also important to look at the production results of video creators and production companies and research the place that is perfect for the quality that the company wants. 

Therefore I would like to recommend the matching platform "MoviePrint" of a movie production company. You can see the results of the video production company in a list, and you can choose the production company that matches your desired quality. You can trade directly with the production company, so it is easy to communicate detailed requests, and the commission to the management company is free, so you can make it more reasonable. 

In this way, with MoviePrint, which overcomes the disadvantages of other crowdsourcing services, why not find a video production company that works for you?

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Among consumer attitudes towards a purchase, mass advertisements such as television commercials often contribute to early stages of attitude change, brand recognition, etc. There are many cases, and the final goal We have made it difficult to elucidate the causal relationship between sales that is a major factor in sales. Among various influencing factors such as over-the-counter promotion/price, season, competitors' movements, can we measure the effect of the only advertisement?

Remove the non-advertising influencing factors and make appropriate measurements

The most important point in evaluating the impact of advertising on sales is to eliminate factors that affect sales other than advertising. In the conventional advertisement effectiveness measurement, based on data such as "Sales of ○% in the month when advertisement was submitted", "A person who saw the advertisement purchased ○% purchased", evaluation of the influence on sales I often do. In this case, it is a big issue that you can not remove "selling even without advertisement". We have overestimated the effectiveness of advertisements including 'selling even without advertisements'.

Nomura Research Institute scientifically evaluates the effect of advertisement on sales using the search method called single source data. Single source data is a survey of media contacts, purchase intentions and actual conditions of products, etc. for the same survey target, and it is necessary to change attitudes of the same person before and after the presence or absence of contact with the media By looking at it is a way of measuring the true advertising effectiveness of each media.

People who touched the TV commercial increased the proportion of purchasing target products from 21.4% to 24.9%. This increment of "+ 3.5%" is an increment of purchase due to contact of the television commercial, originally evaluated except for the ratio of 21.4% purchased before contacting the television commercial.
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Improve sales, and what will eventually change?
In this e-mail magazine, I have told you 
that " 
We should target sales and cash flows rather than standards and targets for sales, " but we 
do not assume that we should neglect sales.

In order to survive the company, the cash deposit is necessary for the management to be relieved, and in order to 
continue to increase the cash deposit, first, profit is necessary.

It is not a matter of how much sales and how much profit it is, 
it is 
important to have a viewpoint on how to structure sales, in order to leave any profit .

So, under this premise, how should you think about sales?

Sales = unit price × number
Sales will eventually be paid by the customer of the company, which will remain
as a profit and cash deposit. 
Sales are the most important factor for a company, and it is the life activity itself of a company.

In corporations, it is important to set sales targets for 
businesses, sales targets for shops and products, and sales targets for each employee while disassembling sales into purchase unit price and purchase number and adding repeat number (rate) to 
it It is well done.

However, it is 
difficult to judge whether the aimed targets are really appropriate .

Apart from the viewpoint of unit price x number, 
it is necessary to think about the factor of fluctuation in sales with a view that another thing can be changed from own company .

It is a 
clue to improve and improve grasping the response to the established goal by thinking about factors that cause fluctuations in sales at their own company .

What are the five sales variation factors?
1. It is a mono 
item or service to sell . 
It is 
important to think about not only the products and services that are present but also things about future products and services .

Person to sell It is a viewpoint as to whether the seller can stay as it is. 
For 30% and 33% of sales closing rates, for sales representatives, only 3% difference, 
10% difference as new sales acquisition is a big difference for management. 
I will understand this and 
think about "Will you concentrate on a good customer," "Human ability to raise it up", "Which is totally different person in charge?"

3. Where to 
sell It is a place to sell . 
Consider not only the location of the store and the exhibition hall but also what type is better , such as store type, event type or visiting type, or the Internet.

4. When to sell 
When to sell, is how to take the timing.

5. How to sell It is about 
marketing and customer service method. 
We are asked to 
establish and 
improve the flow that will not stop customers from knowing more about their products and services and also the flow until they are linked to sales .

Basically, this is only 5 items. 
Depending on the company, 'selling price' enters, but in small and medium-sized enterprises, the 
right to decide the price is very limited, so change the 
five items rather than think as "change the price to sell" , the value of the whole goes up As a result, 
it is more practical to improve the unit price . 
You do not have to think about the price to sell from the beginning.

Please consider whether there is something you can change for each item about your company .

Improvement plan will come up with a little head arrangement.

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Brand building, 5 tips

First of all, why is brand important for companies? How should we tackle brand building? And what is brand · Japan survey on how you perceive brands? It is a recommendation from five brand · Japan planning committee. The first tip is from David A. Arker, a special adviser.

Brand building the strongest prescription under the low growth era

Mr. David A. Arker continuing to give deep remarks as a special adviser to the planning committee for a long time from the planning of Brand Japan has sent messages from Japan and San Francisco to the Japanese people involved in brand building It was.

Brand building is the strongest prescription in the age of low growth and it is necessary to overcome "isolation and competition" due to the "silo" (vertically divided) problem with "cooperation and communication" in order to push the approach, It is Yale to brand representative. Please have a look.

This video letter was screened at the beginning of the seminar of "How to bring innovation to create the top brand seminar brand seminar 15th anniversary issue of" Brand Japan "(held on April 17, 2015).

The true value of inner branding and brand loyalty

I am appointed as a corporate brand owner, but I do not know what to do from hand. I know the importance of making brands, but I do not know how to involve all employees. I think that improvement of brand power is indispensable for improving profit, but its importance was neglected, budget of brand building was cut by the weak performance of company. I do not think there are many brand staff who have such troubles.

To these concerns, Mr. Aaker will send frank advice. Inner · branding (in-house awareness reform) is an important initiative that plays the core of brand building, and that there are two challenges to be challenged. When performance is sluggish, it is necessary to look towards brand loyalty. Mr. Aaker warms his speech.

From the future of digital utilization and brand building

Ale from Mr. Aaker concludes with two topics that are indispensable for thinking about future brand building.

The first topic is about the utilization of "digital" whose importance is increased further in the future. While discussing the possibilities from the four perspectives, discussions that return to essence are essential when considering the utilization of the media as "the discussion on what kind of media should be used is not very important" Just in case.

The second topic is how the environment surrounding the "brand" changes in ten years. We will list three points of change in the consumer trend that can occur in the future and introduce the points to pay attention to in order to promote brand building from that point of view.

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Let's concretely look at the formulation of the marketing strategy that Company A conducted against the "six processes" mentioned at the beginning.



<Analysis of Information>

(1. Marketing Environment Analysis 2. Identification of Marketing Tasks) When 

we analyze the environment of Company A, internally there is the advantage of "community-based type", on the other hand, It is inferior to the scale and the number of stores ".


As a result, we have concluded that there is no way to survive if competing bargain sale with major companies in the current situation, and should be differentiated on their own lines.


Marketing challenges are "improving profitability".



<Drafting strategy>

(3. Selection of target market 4. Positioning 5. Optimization of marketing · mix) 

Company A's attention as a segmentation is the elderly who targeted the area around the store.


In the case of the form of selling at a store, it is necessary to come to the shop by all means, but by putting emphasis on direct visit and delivery service, repair and maintenance, we decided to establish the image of the electric shop that is reliable at the time of emergency .


Also, as sales volumes at stores are expected to decline, we have also decided to focus on mail order through the Internet.


As a result, it became possible to put only a minimum number of personnel in the store, and it became unnecessary to carry stock carelessly.


It became possible to correspond to the elderly in the area by the catalog, and to the far side by the net.




(6. Formulation of execution plan) In 

executing the marketing strategy, we decided to make effective use of existing resources without cost as much as possible.


For example, we minimize the number of personnel in the store and put our efforts into visiting sales.


Instead of reducing inventory management costs, it will be turned to Internet-related expenses such as web sites and sales systems, and so on.


In addition, we are changing not only the number of sales as we have hitherto but also the checking system, such as setting the final profit margin as the target.



【Analysis Planning and Execution Process】 In

developing a marketing strategy, it was necessary to go through processes of analysis, planning, and execution.


Then, in the end, we will explain each process in detail.


Although the final conclusion differs depending on industry type, scale, environment, market, there is no big difference in the process to be done at the time of strategy formulation.


Let's understand firmly so that it can actually be applied.


<1. Marketing Environment Analysis> In environmental analysis of

marketing, it is important to organize the opportunities and threats in the market, to grasp their strengths and weaknesses, and to lead to a comprehensive strategy.


As a framework you can take advantage of SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) .


Furthermore, we will calculate the problem from the analysis result.


Marketing strategy formulation process



<2. Identification of marketing tasks> After

marketing environment analysis, let's clarify the "problem identification" on what kind of problem you want to solve by marketing before conducting detailed analysis.


I think whether it can be judged comparatively easily if you confirm the company's strengths and weaknesses revealed by environmental analysis, or opportunities and threats in the market.


In doing so, if it turns out that there are multiple issues to be addressed, let's not forget to give priority.


Otherwise, when judging what to prioritize, the recognition of individuals will be blurred, making it difficult to obtain the desired result.


It is important to share ideal goals across the company in order to ultimately execute and achieve results.


Marketing is not done by some people alone, is it?

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Marketing will start from the market or customers.


On that assumption, no matter how good the product or manufacturing/development technology you have, you can not start to make products and services suddenly.


In order to properly approach markets and customers, it is necessary to take steps to analyze information, to plan and execute, and to execute.


As in the past, like a factory like "You can sell if you make good goods and services" "It will be purchased if you gain awareness," "You will be chosen better than others if you know the goodness", or from a supplier-oriented perspective , We can not do business activities that produce results.


It is a contemporary feature that the market is saturated, and things and services are overflowing.


That's why we need marketing.


The concrete process of marketing is classified into the following six.


<Process for developing marketing strategy>

1. Marketing environment analysis

2. Identification of marketing issues

3. Selection of target market

4. Positioning

5. Optimization of marketing · mix

6. Formulation of the execution plan


Thinking about in a big framework, "1. Marketing environment analysis", "2. Identification of marketing task" is the stage of analyzing information, "3. Target Market Selection", "4. Positioning", "5. Marketing · Mix optimization "is a planning plan, and" 6. Execution plan formulation "is the execution phase.


Comment on the individual elements will be done in the second half, so please first grasp the general flow.



Let's deepen our understanding of the marketing strategy formulation process through concrete examples.


Why do you have to go through six steps? "" What kind of things can be obtained in each process? "



A, a medium-sized home electronics mass merchandiser, is a long-established store that has been in operation for more than 50 years since its establishment, but management is under pressure due to the recent expansion of large stores.


Just simply selling excellent household appliances announced by Japanese manufacturers at retail prices as they are is no longer able to compete with major players who are planning to use thin economies using the economies of scale .


In order to overcome this situation, Z, the founding president, decided to change the fundamental policy on sales strategy.


In the way it used to be, it is inevitable that it is inevitable that it will become dilapidated anyway.


However, I am just holding a head on what kind of sales strategy should be implemented.


Without a specific strategy, time alone will pass.


Well, there was a proposal as to whether to adopt marketing theory from Y employee.


Mr. Y is a one-time sales clerk in the store, but it is a fierce employee who always achieves the goal every week.


Especially, it was highly appreciated by the company because it has a reputation for recommending products to regular customers, and has achieved a sure result even with a small number of visitors.


According to Y's proposal, in order to break through the current situation, it is necessary to formulate a marketing strategy from the beginning.


It takes time.


As a result, the surroundings showed a bad color, but the president of Z who was seeking a fundamental policy change decided to accept the proposal.


Either way, it is clear that the business performance of the company is getting worse as it is.


When deciding the marketing strategy, I decided to do it with the flow of information analysis, strategy planning, execution plan.


It certainly took a while, but in the coming months it was able to properly reflect the strengths not found in other companies, and the company was also brisk.


The marketing strategy of Company A is still to come, but it is a result that we can see a glimpse of the effect.


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Let's further deepen our understanding of the meaning or necessity of marketing through examples.



Mr. A working as a salesperson at a major insurance company had a headache in sharply reducing the number of sales in recent years.


Even though we could easily get large contracts by simply opening up business to a factory or a factory, in modern times, no matter how many companies or factories we were going through it was quite successful not.


Moreover, the pressure from the company is getting stronger.


If the results worsen like this, it will hurt your life.


So Mr. A decided to listen to Mr. B, a former colleague who switched to an Internet life insurance company F.


F company is a fast-growing company, despite being a start-up company, in the last few years it has not quite closed to other life insurance companies.


Perhaps I thought that the mainstream of future insurance would be the net, and decided to explore the reasons for good performance.


Mr. A who is listening to the secret of popularity of F company in a straightforward way with a public talk.


So it was the word "marketing" that jumped out of Mr. B's mouth.


Mr. B: Actually, in fact, the fact that the insurance industry is suffering in recent years is a fact. Everywhere the performance is sluggish is the same. In our case, I think that being able to contract on the net is only an element to the last. Besides that, I think that it is important that the idea such as "what customers are seeking" and "what kind of products can be provided for the demand" is fundamental. In other words, it is marketing. I want to sell "I want to sell", it is not time to buy.



Indeed, the characteristic of F company is that it is possible to contract for life insurance on the Internet, but in fact, because the precise marketing was carried out, performance was upward.


Mr. A did not notice the point and he thought that it was easy to say, "Can you sell it if you sell on the Internet?"


However, it was admonished by Mr. B.


From now on, as a strategy that Mr. A can take, it is likely to select the target customer and provide the optimal product according to the wants (desire) while exploring the needs (necessary).


Alternatively, if marketing is difficult on an individual basis, you can appeal the necessity to the company.


One proposal is that the Internet can be utilized for young people.


【Difference between "Needs" and "Wants"】 It

is about the difference between the need (needs) and the desire (wants) , which is important in understanding marketing .


Although each nuance is similar word, when thinking about approach to a customer, it is impossible to build a correct strategy without being able to say the difference between them.


Here again, let's grasp the difference between the two.


<Needs (needs)>

Humans are constantly looking for something.


It depends on time and occasion, but if you are thirsty you will want water, and if you get hungry you will ask for food.


In addition to such physiological necessity, we may ask for brand products because they are "owned by everyone" and sometimes ask for "to live more conveniently" cars I guess.


As you can see, the need for feelings rooted in the necessity of human beings is their needs.


The characteristic of needs is that the objects are not necessarily individual specific things.


Just because you are thirsty does not necessarily mean that water is necessarily.


Some people want juice and coffee.


In business, it is important not to pay attention only to the customer's superficial needs, but to dig further.


What is marketing?


<Wants (Wants)>

On the other hand, wants is the desire that arises when the needs are materialized as real products.


Water and coffee for the thirsty needs and bread and rice for the needs of being hungry.


By firmly grasping customer needs, we will be able to provide more optimum wants.


However, what is subject to Wants is not necessarily an existing product.


There are many things that products that make use of new technologies that we have not seen yet stimulate customers' wants.


That is why companies are announcing new products one by one, and the pursuit of Wants is a factor that exerts a great influence on the competitiveness of companies.


What is marketing?



· Age when modern can not be sold simply by making products and services 

· "customer thinking" is important rather than "seller thinking" 

· marketing starts from "customers" 

· customers "needs (needs)" The one that embodied it and "Desire (Wants)"


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What is included in the value of the brand?

Functional value / emotional value

People try to purchase something to get some sort of value. People who triggered purchasing are people, feeling the functional value for the function and use of the product, leading to purchase, expecting the emotional value obtained by purchasing it There are also people to purchase. Or you will buy only with inspiration that came with Vivibbi when you saw the product.

However, it is the minimum standard that most of the consumers are cleared of the technology and the function. At the present time when the functional value is side by side, many purchase decisions are made by their emotions and inspiration It is getting. In other words, the ratio of brand value is increasing.

Image that affects decision making

It is the brand power of products and companies that greatly influences purchasing decisions based on emotions and inspiration. The minimum condition as a brand is to have a "good" image. Even if the function of the product service is excellent, if the image of the company is not good, it is consumer psychology that you do not want to buy products of such a company. For example, if you are a restaurant, do not you think you will go to the shop if it is bad customer service even at shops that serve delicious cuisine? In the service industry you will find out how important it is to have a "good" image as customer service is important.

A good image is the minimum condition as a brand. What is further needed is a "strong" image. If you have an intense image that is easy to remember, the probability that the product will be chosen will be high. In addition, it is also necessary to have an original image. Even if there is a strong image that can be repeatedly remembered, if there is one of several options that person imagines, then there will be as many products as there are probabilities that their products will be chosen. In such a case, there may be price competition. It is important to have an original image of "this is different" and to differentiate.

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Branding is beneficial not only for companies but also for consumers. The most beneficial of that is that you can avoid risks.

Consumers have various risks when purchasing goods. For example, there are too many risks such as using money and using time. If consumers already know the brand and knowledge of the quality and value of the brand in advance, you will have a guarantee to a certain extent. Therefore, you can reduce the risk of purchasing.

For example, if you bought a brand that you have purchased before, you will feel comfortable that you will not offer bad products or services. Furthermore, as a merit of the brand, possession of a brand as a status leads to having a sense of satisfaction and superiority.

According to Professor Keller, a leading brand theorist, there are six consumer risks in purchasing behavior:

1, functional risk

If the purchased product does not fulfill the expected performance or function, it becomes a risk. There is also a risk that there is no function thought to be equipped.

2, Physical risk

It is possible that the purchased product may harm the health and the body of the user and the surrounding people. There is a risk to the body by actually using it.

3, financial risk

There is a possibility that the purchased product may not be worth the amount paid for the purchase. There is a risk that there is no loss on the amount paid.

4, social risk

There is a risk that the purchased product may cause annoyance to the surrounding people and society.

5, psychological risk

The possibility that products purchased will adversely affect mental and psychological such as regret and stress will be considered as a risk.

6, time risk

There is a risk of opportunity costs of having to look for other products if you think that you have failed for the purchased product.

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Branding is beneficial not only for companies but also for consumers. 
The most beneficial of that is that you can avoid risks.

Consumers have various risks when purchasing goods. For example, there are too many risks such as using money and using time. If consumers already know the brand and knowledge of the quality and value of the brand in advance, you will have a guarantee to a certain extent. Therefore, you can reduce the risk of purchasing.

For example, if you bought a brand that you have purchased before, you will feel comfortable that you will not offer bad products or services. Furthermore, as a merit of the brand, possession of a brand as a status leads to having a sense of satisfaction and superiority.

According to Professor Keller, a leading brand theorist, there are six consumer risks in purchasing behavior:

1, functional risk

If the purchased product does not fulfill the expected performance or function, it becomes a risk. There is also a risk that there is no function thought to be equipped.

2, Physical risk

It is possible that the purchased product may harm the health and the body of the user and the surrounding people. There is a risk to the body by actually using it.

3, financial risk

There is a possibility that the purchased product may not be worth the amount paid for the purchase. There is a risk that there is no loss on the amount paid.

4, social risk

There is a risk that the purchased product may cause annoyance to the surrounding people and society.

5, psychological risk

The possibility that products purchased will adversely affect mental and psychological such as regret and stress will be considered as a risk.

6, time risk

There is a risk of opportunity costs of having to look for other products if you think that you have failed for the purchased product.
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"I have written my resume, but what should I write about my job history?"

It is questionable about this "job history record" that is frequently asked by those who just started changing jobs. Although I understand that it is necessary documents when applying to a company in a career change job, I do not know what to write. Maybe you are watching this page now as well. So, this time, I will introduce the preparation mental attitude ~ concrete writing way concerning the curriculum vitae which beginners of job change activities are stubborn under supervision of job change advisor of personnel introduction company which supports career change activity. We also have a collection of samples by occupation at the end of the sentence, so please use it to create a curriculum vitae.

1. Basics of curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae "Weapons to fight job change" | Roles of position of job curriculum · Standing position

"Curriculum vitae is a weapon for fighting career change."

The job change adviser of the recruitment company says, There may be people who thought that it was exaggerated ... Career history is an important document that appeals to your company on behalf of you, your career and skills. No matter how talented you are, if you can not express it with your curriculum vitae, you will not open the door to the intention company. In other words, existence that greatly influences life. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a weapon to open up a life and fight a change of career change. Consider this point and let's face the preparation.

What is the difference between a resume and a job history record?

When you change your career, you are generally required to submit your resume and job history from the recruitment company. However, there are people who have doubts that "What is different between resume and job history record?" Actually, the two documents have a very different role. As a result, recruiters in recruitment companies have different points of view for documents. It is important to understand the difference between the resume and the job history carefully and then create it.


A resume is a document that conveys basic information such as your educational background and employment history. A detailed description of employment history is unnecessary because it is described in the job history booklet, but let's create it with awareness that you are going to convey your own appealing point. Also, among the application documents, it is also the resume that can post the only visual "photo". Since the impression of the photograph strongly influences the document selection, it is necessary to stick to the completion of the photograph.

[Points seen by recruiters] From
the resume on which basic personal information was written, in order to know the person "you", recruiters are looking at the following points of view.

□ Are you able to commute to 
□ Can you evaluate academic background or work history □ How many times you have changed job □ Do you have a 
relationship with your business 
□ You have qualifications for practical use 
□ What motivation you want for your company 
□ Whether salary or duty form matches recruitment requirements 
□ Writing in polite letters (in case of sticking to handwriting)

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae is a document that conveys the practical ability and experience of your work, skill information etc. As mentioned above, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a weapon in a career change. Also, unlike resume, there is no fixed format. At the end of this page, sample templates can be downloaded so please use it.

[Points to be seen by hiring personnel] From
the curriculum vitae in which the work which you have been experienced until now is detailed, in order to know the skills and knowledge that you have, recruiters see from the following viewpoints.

□ How long and what kind of initiatives and how much achievement 
has been achieved 
□ Is the strength of work something □ Presentation skills exist 
□ Do you have the skills and knowledge of practical skills required for recruitment job 
□ Are you going to leave the position / mission of work? □ Is the objective of a change of job convincing? 
□ Is there consistency in experience and reasons of desire 
□ Will it lead to career advancement by changing jobs 
□ Whether the description content is credible

A word advice from a change career advisor

In the interview after passing through the document selection as well as the selection of the documents that will be the primary screening, most of the cases are asked by interview about the contents written in the job history book. Therefore, assuming the matters to be asked from the company, document preparation Let's face it.

Q & A related to WEB resume

· Can I print a WEB resume and use it for my job history?

· Can the job history record be the same as the WEB resume?

· Should retirement reasons be written in the web resume?

· Can you correct the contents of the web resume after entry?

Basic items of job history (content)

Let's check the basic items to describe while looking at the format example of the job history record.


Required / optional item Described contents
Required title "Curriculum vitae"
Required date Fill in the entry date "○○ 年 ○ 月 月 ○ 日 Current".
Required Name Fill in your full name.
Any Contact address (address, telephone number, etc.) <Body>
Required Job abstract (overview) I describe the outline of my job history by maximum 5 lines.
Required Job career · Company Profile 
Company name · Capital fund · Employee · Sales amount · Business content · Number of employees · Sales amount etc · Even if there is an unknown part, please mention only company name · business contents. 
· Period of engaging in duties (○ year ○ month - ○ year · month 
· · department · position (affiliation, promotion history, etc.) 
· specific job title 
· achievement (achievement) 
· award history 
description of the activities . List 3 to 5 lines for each item as a guide. In concrete duty content, we will briefly summarize what kind of work, who worked for and who did it.
Any Acquisition qualification It is effective to write the holding qualifications related to the duties you are applying. It is not an abbreviation but an official name. Including the acquisition time will be described.
Any Computer skills For administrative job creative types, creative job types, etc., it is necessary items. For each available application such as word, excel, Illustrator, photoshop, we will describe skill level. (Excel / Pivot creation)
Any Language skill TOEIC, TOEFL etc. Please describe concretely, including the certificate name and score. Even if you are not taking the exam etc, if you are using language in your work, write "Business English level" and level.
Any  Self PR It is a block that appeals concretely, such as their abilities and motivation. Let's appeal what you think will be effective in your company from among the past job history. Appeal yourself so that personnel staff wants to meet you, such as skills, skills, connections, leadership if you have leader experience, and ability to act as a salesperson.
Required Motivation for motivation There is a column to write motivation for motivation in the resume, but be careful not to make it exactly the same content. Let's raise the reason for applying for the company to which you apply, by incorporating concrete experience and episode in the job history record.
Any Page number (non-bull) A curriculum vitae is about 2 sheets on A4 paper. Even if the job history varies widely, it will be created within 3 sheets at most. It is common to write the page number (non-bull) in the footer so that company recruiters will not hesitate which page they are viewing.


A word advice from a change career advisor

Job abstract (overview), which is an indispensable item at the beginning, is important anyway! 
A person in charge of human resources will receive dozens or hundreds of curriculum vitaes from your rival applicants. Therefore, it is difficult to read all the documents, it is said to decide whether to look through until the end depending on the clarity of this job overview. Let's summarize your career in an easy-to-understand way and set out points to appeal to yourself.

How to write a career Q & A

【General Career】
· Do I have to list all the results of the past in my curriculum vitae?

· The company that worked before was bankrupt. Do not you have to write as work experience?

· If you have written in your resume, is it not necessary to write a short career for a few months in the job history record?

· Do not you have to write job history of a job type different from the applicant in the application form?

【Part-time · temporary staffing experience】
· Can I write a part-time job in my school days in my curriculum vitae?

· Do you have a part-time job as a job career, too?

· In case of part-time jobs as well, should you write curriculum vitae? In that case how should I write?

· Can I write my job history as a temporary worker in the application form?

· Do I have to mention all my past records in my curriculum vitae?

【Sidebroken · Freelance · Volunteer experience】
· Is it OK to write side jobs in application documents?

· Can I mention volunteer experience as work experience?

· Can I describe freelance experience as work experience?

How to write a job career Q & A

【How to write · How to create】
· Can you create a job history from color?

· Is it possible to create a curriculum vitae by handwriting?

【Manner · Rule】
· Can I give the client's name in real name in my job history?

· I work for a company that everyone knows but should I write "company overview"?

· Is not it impressive if you summarize the sentences of the application documents in "is · ·" style?

[Point of description] 
· Can you write "corporation" as abbreviated as "(sha)" in the application documents?

· Do you write the number including the president in the "Number of Employees" column in the WEB resume?

· Does the company "enter", the bank "enters", anything else?

· I am working as a "semi employee". How do I write the form of employment in my application documents?

· I am working as a temporary employee on a hourly system, but how can I include my annual income?

· The surname will change. Which surname should be stated at the time of entry?


Format of curriculum vitae (form)

The form (form) of the curriculum vitae can be roughly divided into "carrier type" and "knitting type".

Ceremonial formula

It is the most common form that shows the job content along the time series. In particular, it is said that it is suitable for "people with little experience in society" and "people who do not have a lot of change or change in career".

Since we can read the annual formula with reference to the resume, there is a feature that it is easy for the recruiter to be informed of the process of carrying the career, basically it is recommended to create a curriculum vitae in this form .

Inverse knitting formula

The inverted bodily formula literally means the inverse of the braiding formula. It will be a way of expressing work experience in time series from the present to the past.

It seems that it is suitable for cases where you want to appeal the latest experience, such as "If the job you are applying is the same as the current work content or if you are close," or "A person in their 30s or older who has long experience in social workers" It is said.

Carrier type

Career formula refers to the form of "summarizing job experience by job function field". In order to make the work content heading instead of employment date etc, it can be said that it is easy to convey such as "what did you do" "what is your specialty field?" For that reason, it is suitable for those who want to appeal to people with a large number of turns and experiences and skills (such as technical or professional jobs).

Is it better to write the curriculum vitae by "PC" or "handwritten"?

Until then, the curriculum vitae / resume was created by handwriting purchased ready-made products, but now it is common to create on a PC. Nevertheless, many people think that handwriting is polite?

As a trend, companies that do not publish job openings on the Internet, historically established long-established companies, family-run local companies, etc., may prefer handwritten application documents. In some cases you are thinking about drawing personality from handwritten letters, and if you apply for such companies, you can say that it is better to create your resume by handwriting.

On the other hand, there is a high possibility that there is no problem even with companies posting job offers at job change sites on the Internet or enterprises accepting applications from the homepage, even for application documents created on PC. In IT companies, etc., when writing application documents by handwriting, it gives the impression that "handwriting is so old, poor efficiency" "I am an IT company wanting to be able to master the tool of personal computer" It may not be possible to pass document screening. For that reason, let's make sure that you decide which is better for each company you apply.

<Details here> 
Should my resume be written in words? | PC creation and handwriting, what is the better form? (There are download examples)

2. How to write a curriculum vitae

How to write a job history that does not fail! Iron rule is "to create from the viewpoint of the reader"!

A job change advisor who has confirmed a lot of application documents, the iron rule which can not be absolutely excluded from the way of writing a job career is "Do not write what you want to write, do not write what you want to tell, Writing what you want to see ".

No matter how great your experience or skill you are, you will not produce any effect if your company does not want it. Think about what kind of experience and skills the company you are applying for is seeking recruitment (talent) by thinking about the qualification field and the job description of job information, and make you feel like you can be active as an immediate fighting force. I will describe my experience / skill in my curriculum vitae.

A word advice advise ①

For example, in the case of recruitment of "experienced corporate sales", the point at which the personnel officer of the company sees the applicant's job history will be able to play an active part in the company's business. Specifically, in the past sales experience,

  1. What kind of products handled (handled products, services)
  2. What kind of customer was in charge (new customer / existing customer, industry type)
  3. What achievement did you give (sales, number of items, in-house awards)

It is the part you want to check. The closer the sales style that we have experienced, such as tangible goods and types of intangible goods, close to the company's own goods, new development, follow-up of existing customers, etc., there is a possibility that the evaluation will be higher. Let's describe it by closing up the close experience and skills of our own by calculating back from the required skill.

Advice advice of change career advisor ②

If you are not inexperienced in recruited occupation, in order to stand on the same start line as a person with practical experience, also extract the past experience factors that can be utilized for recruitment jobs and let 'appeal "basic ability". For example, if you are experienced in the hospitality / sales business of high-priced items such as precious metals, when applying for 'sales of high-priced products for individuals such as home sales', they will appeal with their abilities including the ability to build relationships with high net worth customers It is effective. How you can extract keywords that are hidden among recruiters is key. If you do not think of yourself, you can consult with a third party such as a changeover advisor.

How to write by pattern / situation Q & A

· I am struggling for my second job change and document selection

· I graduated from university in March and I am still finding job hunting. What should I write in my curriculum vitae?

· There is no achievement that can be represented by numbers like sales staff. What should I write?

· When describing achievements on application documents, should I write even with poor performance?

· In case of self-employment, how should it be stated in the resume?

· I want to challenge clerical clerks inexperienced. Please tell me the tips you can accept

Emphasize clarification of job skills! Use "5W1H" to describe!

Another iron rule in creating job history should be described using "5W1H". It is more important than ever to write experiences so far. For those who do not know you at all, when, when, where (Where), who (Who), what (Why), how (How) Let's organize and describe your work experience.

A word advice from a change career advisor
As mentioned earlier, company recruiters have confirmed many application documents. Therefore, do not look through the corner from the corner of the job history, read diagonally from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. I am checking whether it is "a person to be called for an interview" within that short time. That's why, instead of writing the contents of the job for a long time, let's use "5W1H" to make it easy to understand with a sense of speed. Just by changing the way of appeals and how to use words, chances to interview can be born.

Frequently asked questions and measures

· Do you appreciate how many of your curriculum vitae are written?

· How can I summarize the curriculum vitae shortly?

· How many brief curriculum vitae should we put together? Can I add my own PR?

· Although there are multiple work experiences, contents that you want to appeal are similar to each company. How should you appeal?

· Can I describe Word or Excel learned at a school as "available software"?

After finishing writing the curriculum vitae, it is recommended that "check with a third party".

After I finish writing my career history, I will not finish with a mistake / omission check and submit .... We encourage you to set up opportunities for third parties to see once before submitting. If you consult with a job change advisor of a recruitment company, you can receive advice as above and you can also use the correction service that the recruitment site is doing. Let's get frank opinions and impressions from others. It may seem a bit embarrassing to be seen by someone, but it's easy for me to narrow my horizons by myself. It is the process that we want to work on to pass document screening.

Checkpoint on items described in the job history record

Checkpoint by item

The entire

  • Whether it is easy to see (line feed, layout, font size, typo).
  • Is it gathered in about 2 sheets (about 3 sheets with many employment backgrounds)?
  • Do not use terminology that is difficult to communicate in other industries and other companies
  • Is the wording appropriate? Is there something wrong wording, "Is there something that is" or "Is there something is mixed"?


Job summary

  • Is it explained briefly at 5 W 1 H?
  • Approximately 3 to 5 rows are appropriate. Write short and concise sentences. Let's make bulleted information itemized.
  • Do you emphasize that you want to pay attention especially to the job overview (beginning)? 
    * It is useful when introducing yourself at the interview.
  • Does it focus on skills and experience that seem likely to be useful as an immediate fighting force of the applicant company? 
    ※ Let's avoid unnecessary items.
  • * Part-time and part-time experience will also be a material to appeal to you in the case of long-term jobs or job titles that are the same as the job title or industry you have been doing for over 3 months.


Company Profile

  • Does information on what company can be imaged such as business contents, capital, sales, number of employees, listing unlisted, etc. listed?


Business content

  • Does the role (department, title, change, etc.) in the organization and the period (20 Years Year - 20 Years Year - Month) are stated?
  • Is the content of the work experienced concretely written? 
    * Let's describe it from the work related to your desired job category.


Achievements / Achievements

  • Is it expressed quantitatively as much as possible? (Values ​​that can be evaluated, such as achievement rate, year-on-year comparison, share, cost reduction rate) 
    ※ Numbers do not convey the greatness if there is no comparison target.
  • Let's describe how compared with what we compared, such as sales ○ yen yen → sales ○ yen (achievement rate 120%).
  • Does it not only describe the result but what is devised to produce the result?


Useful skills / experience

  • Are you devised to make it clear on the document that you fully understand the skills and knowledge required by the company? Using keywords such as "building relationships with customers" and "new development capabilities", what is the strength to convey at a glance?

Let's check whether it is easy-to-read sentences?

⇒ Please tell me how to check sentences

Points to note when writing curriculum vitae | NG curriculum vitae!

In the curriculum vitae which seems to be clearly NG among the job change adviser so far, it seems that there are the following four points. Please check whether your own curriculum vitae does not apply.

There are many misspellings.

Curriculum vitae is the first point of contact between you and the company. If there are many misspellings or disappearances, are there also many mistakes and complicated parts in work? And it will be concerned from the company side. "People neglecting the task of reviewing it as an important document," giving the impression that "I can not see the seriousness despite my changing career with my life" is a big minus. Let's carefully check. 
* In addition to misspellings, let's also check that "Tone that is" or "I am" is in agreement, or that the font (type, size, half-width full-width) matches.

Letters are too crowded, too much sentence.

In the case that it is written carefully with small letters and it is hard to read, or a job history record that exceeds 3 sheets, recruiters are evaluated as "unable to worry about the position of the reader" or "there is no power to summarize concisely" I will.

There are many blanks and contents are faint.

If the content is Skusca's curriculum vitae, it gives the impression that "Do you really feel like getting over us?" I do not want to take the trouble to invite an unwilling person to an interview. Let's appeal properly in proper quantity.

Unknown terms, inappropriate words are heavily used.

In the case of using the technical term of the industry, or writing a word which is not common in usual, when there is no explanation, give the impression "I am not careful". Also, if it is a formal document but a spoken word is entered, or if the word is childish, it gives the impression that it is "a person without common sense".

If you are not a bad job skill, will you always pass through the screening?

⇒ Why is it becoming rejected in document screening?

By occupation! Description example of job history record (sample)

You can see a sample of job history record by job type from the following, so please refer to it. 
We will also post points and other points that companies in charge of personnel affairs see, so please click on the link of the job you apply from below Please confirm.

Sales related jobs
  • Sales staff (corporate sales)
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Financial sales
  • MR
  • Sales Manager
  • Call center related jobs
  • Career consultant · Dispatch coordinator
  • Customer support, user support


Management · Planning · Clerical affairs, Profession
  • Business Planning
  • public relations
  • marketing
  • Product planning
  • Finance
  • Human Resources · General Affairs
  • Clerk
  • Intellectual property · Legal affairs
  • Trade affairs
  • purchase
  • consultant


Service related post
  • MD, buyer, store development
  • Supervisor, area manager
  • Store manager, manager's candidate
  • Sales staff, hall staff
  • Teacher / instructor / instructor
  • Welfare / long-term care related work
  • Hotel · accommodation service
  • Travel related jobs
  • Beauty beauty · Esthe
  • Transportation · Delivery · Logistics


Technical position (IT · Web)
  • System engineers
  • Programmer
  • System consultant
  • PL · PM · PMO
  • Network design, construction and operation
  • Internal SE
  • Technical support, helpdesk


Technical position (manufacturing industry)
  • Development staff (Machinery & Electric)
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Control design
  • Mechanical design
  • Industrial science
  • Production control
  • Quality control / quality assurance
  • Sales engineer
  • Service engineer
  • Manufacturing staff


Technical position (building · civil engineering)
  • Design position (building · civil engineering)
  • Construction management
  • Building and facility management


Creative related jobs
  • Web Producer / Web Director
  • Web designer
  • Web site operation
  • Fashion related creative job, production management


3. How to send a job history

Points to note when sending job history

Depending on the company you apply for, you may be asked to send a job history or resume. In that case I will show you the precautions you want to be careful about.

"Cover letter / cover letter" should be attached

A cover sheet is a document enclosed when mailing a job history book / resume. It is written with a simple greeting and is also called a superscript · cover letter. Although it is not necessarily attached, it is recommended to attach as much as possible as a manner.

Also, not only as a courtesy but also depending on how you use it, you can also appeal the reasons for your desire or enthusiasm for your company. When looking at posted documents, recruiters will see the letter ahead of the resume, so send it along with the application documents unless there are special circumstances.

Cover letter / attachment letter (with templates) | What is the way of mailing

How to write "Envelope" to put in a set of application documents

After application documents are completed, such as job history, resume, etc., attention must also be paid to the envelope that puts the complete set of documents. The size and color of the envelope, the position to write the address and address, and the optimum honorific name depending on the destination. Please refer to the points below for point of writing.

Thorough explanation on how to write envelopes and sending a resume! (Including the method of writing address and address)

How to send by "E-mail" of application

When sending application documents by e-mail, it is necessary to convert curriculum vitae to PDF etc. and send it, and set the password for opening as it contains confidential information. Since manners as a business person are questioned, be careful.

Also, it is the text of the e-mail that overlooks it unexpectedly. Please also refer to the example sentences below from the following for sending mail that you do not think is rude. 
How to send a resume by attaching it to an e-mail | How to attach a password, thorough explanation to even a mail example sentence!

When bringing in application documents at interview

⇒ Please tell me the point when bringing the application documents

4. Summary

I've introduced how to write a curriculum vitae so far, but how was it?

Curriculum vitae (work experience) is an important document that appeals your own careers and skills in career change activities. Be prepared to prepare job history record - Please prepare job history books with reference to concrete writing method, sample collection by job category.

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"Is there a rule in how to write a resume?"

If you are just beginning your career change, you may be asking such a question about 'resume'. The answer is not necessarily to keep it, but there are rules. If you are a personnel officer of a company who has looked at a lot of resume, it is obvious whether the rules are observed or not by looking at the documents. It does not mean that the pass / fail is determined only by that, but it is no doubt that those who observe the rules are good impression.

For that reason, let's revise how to write your resume and rule and create an attractive resume. We also have a resume format at the end of the sentence, so please use it when creating.

1. Let's understand the purpose of resume

Role of resume

The role of the resume is to say "tell you as a business person". Resume and curriculum vitae which are necessary documents for career change. Some respondents created by job hunting (job hunting) or part time job interview. Therefore, some people create it without thinking hard "... just fill the contents along the item ..."?

But why do businesses ask for resumes? As well as those who are "the first time to write a resume ..." as well as those who "can not pass document screening ...", let's first understand the role of resume.

What if the company side you adopt? You can not interview with all applicants. So my resume is coming. A resume is a tool to tell "a business person who you do not know" to "what business person you are".

WEB resume at job change site and paper resume created by handwriting are also necessary documents to get them to know correctly. The role of resume is to "tell you as a business person".


Items of resume

In the resume, items to tell "you as a business person" are prepared. Especially in handwritten resume, your person will be transmitted from photos and typefaces. Let's try to make it carefully.

Items of resume

Type of resume paper · How to choose

When creating a resume, it is unusual how to choose paper. There are many kinds more than imagined and many people get lost even if you go to buy. I will introduce about the kind of paper and how to choose it.

There are various kinds, but basically any style can be used without problems. What I want to be aware of is that each has its own characteristics. For example, although there are many volumes in the academic career / work history column if it is based on the JIS standard, the self-PR column is small. I do not have enough practical experience to write less, so the margin has increased so I can not say that I can appeal myself to my resume. It is important to choose the best one by comparing each characteristic with your career.

Characteristics and choice of resume form

JIS standard

There are many academic backgrounds / work history columns, and there are few items in the self-PR column. Especially it is used for those who have long experience of social workers (people whose work experience is a material of appeal).

For general use

There are many items in the self-PR column. Especially it is used for those who are not experienced in social workers (those with few things that can appeal in employment history).

For job change

The job history record form is also a set, or it can type the reason for retirement. Especially, it is used for those who have many job changes and can not write in JIS standard resume.

Part-time job

There are items that can describe desired day of the week and time etc. It is used by students and housewives who are searching for parts and part-time jobs.


2. Points of making resume

Premise of creating resume

There is a rule as a premise for creating a resume. Let's review this rule before preparing the resume form and taking the brush. It is the basic rule in the basic.

Here is the point!

Use black pen or ballpoint pen ※ Pencil and pencil are NG

If you make a mistake, do not use correct pen / tape, rewrite it to new form.

I try to read easily and polite letters.

Fill in all the items.

Do not use the resume.

Before submitting, please check misspellings / omission.


Descriptive rules for each item

Actually did you know that rules exist in how to write your resume? If you write it without knowing it, you may give the recruiter the impression that "basic knowledge is not enough ...". Let me keep rules that you should know properly.

Item of resume_top

[1] Date

I will leave a little between the last name and the name.

In case of "Furigana", write in hiragana, in case of "phonetic" in katakana.

[2] Full name

I will leave a little between the last name and the name.

In case of "Furigana", write in hiragana, in case of "phonetic" in katakana.

[3] Age

Write the age at the time of sending.

[4] Address

Fill out from the prefecture without omitting it.

Also write the apartment name and room number.

Furigana is given only to kanji.

In the case of a form that fills out a contact address separately from the current address, if it is not different from the current address, it is OK in the blank.

When entering a mail address, pay attention to easy-to-miss character (0 of numeral and O of alphabet).

[5] Telephone number

Write either the number of your home or mobile phone.

Item of Resume _ Lower part

[6] Educational background

It is unified with the Christian or Western era notation of [1].

In the first row of the academic record, write "educational background".

Fill out from junior high school graduation.

Please fill in the school name without omitting it. ※ ○ ○ High School ⇒ ▲ Prefectural ○ ○ High School ☆☆ Department

The university / vocational school will fill in the department, department, major. ○ ○ ○ University ⇒ Private ○ ○ University ▲ ▲ Undergraduate ◇ ◇ Department ☆☆ Major

It is unnecessary to enter the entrance examination period.

[7] Work experience

It is unified with the Christian or Western era notation of [1]. · In the first line of the employment history, write "work experience".

Write down the company name without omitting it. ※ Not a corporation but a corporation. · Fill in at the timing of entry, change, retirement.

Fill in the type of occupation, department, simple business. · In the case of employment other than full-time employees, fill in that fact.

It is common to write "Retirement due to personal reasons" for retirement reasons.


How to write an academic career column

There is a rule as a premise for creating a resume. It is wasteful to just prepare resume form paper and write basic information such as name and address. Depending on the ingenuity, it can be used as an appealing material to applicants. First, let's check the points about the academic career column.

In mid-career hiring and new graduate recruitment, educational backgrounds are written differently.

In the case of recruiting new graduates, it may have been described from the graduation of the junior high school, but in the case of mid-career recruitment there is no need to describe it finely. Let me write from high school entrance to college graduation. When the theme of the graduation thesis at the time of university is related to the type of business and job type of the applicant company, it is recommended to list it.

If you have experience of study abroad, which column of the resume you write.

I think that the experience of studying abroad is where I am going to be headed to where I should write in the educational record. For over 1 year 's study abroad, let' s describe 'period, period, country, school name' in the academic record column. Short-term study abroad less than one year is stated in the free description column, and it is important to state "how many words can speak how long" if language ability leads to appeal.

Ronpo, leave of absence, retirement age, how to write down when you are withdrawing.

If there is a blank in educational background, such as a ronin, absence from absence, retirement, dropout, attention should be paid to the way of writing (Since it will not be a minus in the 1-2 year period, there is no need to touch it particularly). In the case of a long-term leave of absence or withdrawal, it will be easier to indicate the reason in the resume, but the interaction will be smooth.

Points to keep in mind when writing your academic qualifications in your resume.

Finally, I will show you the points to note when writing your educational background. Let's write "educational background" in the middle of the first row of [academic record / work history column] and write concrete educational record of the year from the second line. Even if the name of the school of enrollment / graduation is the same, please do not abbreviate as "same as above". Even if you go to a preparatory school, you will not enter the academic qualifications so the description is unnecessary.


Writing work experience column

There is a rule as a premise for creating a resume. Prepare a resume form paper, there is a big space, work experience column where the most important for paper screening etc. In addition to writing the name of the company enrolled and the entry and exit date, in fact, there are detailed rules. If you are a personnel officer who has looked at a lot of resume, it is obvious whether the rules are observed or not by looking at the documents. Let's know the rules and complete an attractive job history column.

Each item of resume

Be sure to leave one line from the top "Education history" item, write "employment history" in the center and write work experience.

Fill in the entry / departure date of all companies enrolled. 

* Even if you work only for a short period of time, all employment history is stated accurately.

If you do not know the business details by company name alone, it is briefly described in parentheses.

Assignee and job description to be concretely written. ※ When there is promotion or change, promotion contents · Promotion year / month. Movement section signature · Please also enter the date of change.

The representation of the corporate name is not omitted. ※ I will not abbreviate as (Yu) Co., Ltd., and write "KK" "limited company".

When the enrollee company has changed its company name, supplemented with ○○ Corporation (formerly · ΔΔ Corporation). 

※ For mergers / acquisitions etc., even if the number of enrolled companies increases, do not change jobs, enter the reason, including.

If the reason for retirement is self-convenience, 

write " retirement due to personal reasons", if it is company circumstances such as restructuring, in the case of company circumstances, "retire due to company circumstances", "retirement desire due to poor company performance".

Fill in the last line "To the present".

After finishing writing work experience information, after confirming, write "over" at the lower right corner and tighten it.


Effective usage of hobby field

It is an item of hobbies that tends to start writing without thinking anything when creating a resume. I do not think there are many people who think that "I do not care about work, do you?" And write it appropriately. Certainly, it may be rare that hobbies have a big influence on screening. But the talk of hobby triggered the interaction with the interviewer to be full of excitement. If the atmosphere is good, can you give a good impression to the interviewer and proceed favorably? I will show you how to write effective hobbies.

Let's talk about hobbies concretely

Even if it is mentioned as "sports", I do not know whether it is the side to play or the side to watch. Let's state it to a level that can be understood by recruiters who do not know about you.

If it is a sport, I would like to describe my favorite genres, writers, works, etc., if it is about the sports event, the side to play or the frequency, etc., if it is a museum tour. If your hobbies are watching soccer, you may want to touch on the teams that support you.

If you are a fan of a city team that is different from your own place of origin, you should be easy to develop into a conversation like "Why did you like this team?" By describing it concretely, it may be a trigger for communication.

Hobby that can be used for work appeals to appeal

If you are interested in a food-related company or a company that develops food and beverage industry, you can say that hobbies such as "eating by walking" and "cooking" become appealing materials. If you are interested in a publishing company, you may want to read "reading", or if you are a mass media company, "watching a movie" may be easy. I would like to actively describe my hobbies that may be useful for my company's job.

Here is the point!

One thing to watch out for is that you do not write things that seems not good for uke. When talking about my hobbies to your friends, I do not want to refrain from maniac things that are hard to gain understanding. It would be nice if we could explain ourselves briefly and make sure that the interviewer is "an interesting hobby", but if you give the impression of "oddball" it may lead to a negative image.


Writing rules and qualifications

There are various items in the resume. Among a number of items, such as name, face photo, date of birth, address, contact information, academic qualifications, employment history ... and others, the item of license / qualification is unlikely to be neglected. If I had the idea that "You can write all the licenses and qualifications you are acquiring for the time being," it is Kiken. Why is that? I will introduce the reason, concrete writing method.

How to write a license / qualification column, basic rules.

As a rule I would like you to know that licenses and qualifications are listed in order of acquisition. However, it is not good to describe a license or qualification that is not related to work. Despite mentioning all the licenses and qualifications retained, it will not function as an appeal material if it does not concern the business. On the contrary, there is also the possibility that recruiters will be given a negative image of "Are you not understanding the company or occupation?" "Is it just a qualified mania?" Let's list only the qualifications that are relevant to the entry company / occupation.

[Frequently Asked Question 1] 

Do not write a license or qualification with a high acquisition difficulty if it is not related to business?

If it is not too maniac qualifications and the reasons you acquired are clear, it is OK to mention it. It is because we can give recruitment staff the impression of "people who can strive towards high goals" and "people who are motivated to raise themselves."

[Frequently Asked Question 2] Although 

it is related to work, should you not write the qualifications you are studying for acquisition?

Let me properly describe that "studying for acquisition ○ ○". If the examination date is near and you are almost sure of acquisition, you can write "Scheduled to acquire in the month".

[Frequently Asked Question 3] Since 

licensing / qualification column is lonely, should you also write it with a lower level of qualification?

It's better not to list qualifications that are not very low in level (you can get it if you study for a while). It can be a way of being received "low ambition" or "neglecting self-study".

It is better to describe it better · not to do better level

Eiken Describe if you are more than semi-level 2

TOEIC Describe if it is over 600 points ※ be a score acquired within 2 ~ 3 years

bookkeeping Describe if class 3 or higher ※ In case of accounting jobs 2nd grade or higher


How to write a self PR column

There are various items in the resume. Name, face photo, date of birth, address, contact information, resume and curriculum vitae entries and self-PR that is frequently heard in interviews. It is an opportunity to express your strengths freely. However, it is true that there are many people who do not know what to write "because of the high degree of freedom. I will introduce example sentences you would like us to consider self-PR.

Purpose and function of self-PR

As a rule I would like you to know that licenses and qualifications are listed in order of acquisition. What you want to know through personal PR in personnel officials is how the applicants' experience and ability can make use of the job contents of recruitment jobs. As a method, it is best to prepare for each entry company / recruitment job type. Let's concretely think that it was not able to write in the job history record etc.

By case, self PR sample sentences

● When applying for an inexperienced job category

The reason I got interested in the work of accounting was that we needed knowledge on business negotiations with managers and started studying by self study. As understanding got deeper, it became clear that the importance of accounting and the great benefits to the company are given.

Currently I am serving as a profit contribution to the company as sales, but I feel that there is a limit in terms of influence alone. If it is accounting, I decided to change my job, thinking that I can make a bigger profit contribution.

[Skills learned so far] 

I passed Nissho Bookkeeping Grade 2 in July last year. In order to acquire first grade, I am still working on my continuing study. Because it is used in daily work, Excel · Word · PowerPoint can be handled side by side.

Here is the point

The personnel official in charge wants to know "Why do you want to challenge the job (recruitment occupation)"?

What kind of effort you are making is an effective appealing point.


● When applying to the same industry / same job category

We have consistently worked on sales of automobile parts. Due to the long period of charge of the leading car maker N company, he has detailed experience on the development process and quality standards of Company N and has extensive experience in price negotiation.

Because of personal circumstances, I got back to Gunma prefecture where my parents are located, so I started changing jobs. We are also considering sales in other industries, but salespeople in the automobile industry are highly likely to be an immediate foothold by utilizing knowledge experience.

Here is the point

Maximize appeal to what can become an immediate fighting force.


When challenging from temporary employee to regular employee

The chance to be interested in accounting jobs is that we need knowledge in business negotiations with managers, now we are a housing maker and working as administrative affairs. I am good at analyzing using Excel, and I am often asked for analysis work using Pivot table even at my current job. We regularly analyze and analyze responsible work from day to day, actively disseminating possible improvements.

However, due to temporary work, the business domain is limited and it may be frustrating. From now on, I hope to challenge my work at positions that can work on greater business improvement by making good use of analytical skills.

Here is the point

I will not mention the form of employment (full-time staff, temporary staff etc).

Practical skills appeal.


List of enrollment graduation years

In the resume, entering year, graduation year, employment year, and leave year are described in the items of academic background and work history. I will introduce a quick-looking chart that will help you at that time, you can see at a glance the year of graduation and annual entrance / birth you were born. Please refer to it.

List of enrollment graduation years


3. Recruitment staff are watching here

Listen to recruiters, resume you want to meet

There are various items in the resume. I have talked about points of writing about each item of name, face photo, birth date, address, contact address, resume. Next, I interviewed what kind of resumes I would like to see if I am actually acting as a personnel manager in a company, I will introduce the contents.

Recruitment staff are looking at the degree of desire in the resume.

- How long do you see your resume on a single day?

Depending on the time, I look at 20 to 30 resume per day. In my case, I will be asked to be an assistant before I see it, but depending on the company I think that there are also personnel affairs looking at 50-100 resume.

- Quite a lot .... What kind of axis do you select documents for?

First of all, is it possible to feel like "I want to change career"? Because I am looking at a lot of resume, I can not write anything, I am using it when I applied to a different company clearly, or if contents different from items are written, I wonder if my degree of desire is low I think.

If it is a detailed part, it is also a photograph of the proof. If you are not affixed, or it is a photograph taken clearly for another purpose, you do not feel intention to join the company.

I would like you to use your resume as a presentation material.

- "Do you want to meet if you can write such a resume?"

It is a resume in which information that personnel affairs want to know is gathered up. I understand the company and jobs I am recruiting for, so I am able to verify with my abilities. Even though I do not have the skills I'm looking for, I think I should meet them.

It is to understand "what kind of style worked". Even in the same job category, if the industry changes, how to work also changes. If it is a sales job, it is easy to understand if it is written on whether it is a new business or a root business, or the material is hard or soft.

- Please let me know if you would like my resume to use more in this way.

I think the resume is the first "presentation material" for job seekers. I would like to know the merit of "If I adopt me, I have such a merit". People who wish to meet are able to appeal after understanding what companies are seeking. I hope that you can make effective use.


How to make a good impression on a certification photo

Certification photograph required to be submitted when preparing resume. The impression given by one shooting method also changes greatly. Certificate for resume When introducing a photograph, introduce the points you want to be aware of and the points to make it better. It is Tips which advances the selection favorably.

I do not recommend resume photos

First, introduce from the rules of resume photos. The resume is an official application form (as well as the resume that can be created on the web). Based on that point, we can not recommend using the following pictures too much.

How to use not recommended photos

Cut out pictures taken in everyday life (not certification pictures) and use them.

Cut out photos taken for passports and driver's licenses to the size of the resume and use it.

Use photos taken one year ago.

Use pictures taken without wearing a suit or jacket.

Use pictures taken with sleepy hairstyle and wrinkley suits.

Use photos taken with an expressionless or dark expression.

Use pictures taken with the jig pulling too much or raising too much.

Recommended resume photos

Below is a summary of what you would like us to do to shoot better pictures.

How to use recommended photos

Common to men

Shoot at a studio (photo hall), not a speed photograph.

Before shooting, wipe off the luster of the face with paper.

When taking a picture, raise the mouth corner lightly so that teeth can not be seen.

Wear a recruit suit or a dark jacket to shoot.

When taking a picture, make a monochrome copy and check if it is difficult to see.

Assume when you are peeling off from your resume and fill in your name on the back before pasting the photo.


Man's edition

Cut the hair short, set as so as not to touch the forehead as much as possible, shoot.

Remove the bottom button before shooting so that the shape of your jacket will not collapse.

Wear a white plain shirt on the inner side to shoot.

Wear a residential stripe pattern (oblique stripe) or a small dot pattern tie giving a clean impression.


Female version

Make a shade with a color that gives a healthy and clean impression.

Set the bangs so that they do not touch forehead and shoot.

Wear a white plain shirt, or inner cut, and shoot.

If the hair is long, bundle it behind, or sow it behind and shoot after listening.

Remove conspicuous accessories and shoot.

4. Advantage in your resume

Manner of envelope selection / address writing

There is a manner that you want to hold down when you write your resume safely and mail it. If you misunderstand how to write your address or if the size of the envelope is not right, let's confirm that the company side does not give a negative image of "There is no general common sense".

First is important - envelope selection

Whether you want to be conscious of choosing your resume is whether it is the size you can enclose without folding. The folded resume is troublesome when a personnel officer files it or takes a copy. Even with envelopes that can be folded without breaking, carefully not to break your resume by putting your resume in a clear file is also a good impression point.

Also, let's choose a white plain type rather than an envelope with brown envelopes or company name printed (you can purchase it from a stationery store, a home center or a 100 yen shop).

Rules for writing address names

It is basically written in vertical writing. Based on this, let's pay attention to the following points.

Rules for writing address names


Write from prefecture name.

Do not omit "chome" or "street address".


<Address name>

Do not omit the corporation like the company.

Write the destination (department and person in charge) at the center of the envelope.

Use the optimal honorific name for each recipient. (Company / Department / Bidder / For Mr. Position / like)



In the deficit on the left side of the envelope, write "Application documents in progress".

Mail it from the window of the post office so that the fee will not be insufficient.


<Back side>

Describe your address and name. 

※ Write the address from the prefecture name, do not omit "chome" or "street address".

It is not possible to seal with tape. Seal with a piece and make a sign or a seal. 

(Put a stamp on a place marked / sealed at the place sealed / sealed)

Write the date of mailing at the top left.


"Cover letter" to obtain only those who know it

When posting your resume, I will show you how to increase the likelihood significantly. Especially when you are challenging inexperienced occupation or industry, or when you are feeling a little skill shortage in required positions. Fill in the difference with the level required by the enterprise, the possibility of being able to convey enthusiasm will be greatly enhanced, so let's take advantage of the selection process of documents by all means.

PR tool as a cover page

Whether you want to be conscious of choosing your resume is whether it is the size you can enclose without folding. When folding a resume, posting a person resume or job history, there is a document enclosed with a simple greeting written. It is an essential piece of business that is called "letter of sending" "superscript" "invoice" "cover letter" etc. As a role, it describes "salutation sentence", but it changes to self-PR tool depending on how to write.

Writing cover page

There is no fixed format, but it is common to write in the following order.

① Date of sending 


Address ③ Your address, name 

④ Preamble (greeting / heading of greetings) 

⑤ Text 

⑥ Last sentence (Conclusion)

Heisei ◯ year ◯ month ◯ day

Mr. Suzuki, Hiring Department Hiring Department, Inc. ◯◯◯◯

Mr. Taitaro 

6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 


Dear Sirself We would like to thank you for your continued success.

I am pleased to tell you that I am applying for the recruitment ▲ ▲ of my recruitment from the recruitment site "Employment change". 

We will send you a resume / job history record.


I have worked as a sales office for general office supplies and electronic stationery for 4 years so far and have worked to improve sales by improving product layout and creating panels. 

In the future, I would like to contribute to the project as a clerical office supporting the work of field workers, I applied for a job of your company this time. 

We believe that bargaining power and coordination power through exchanges with customers and teams as sales staff can be utilized in clerical work involving various departments.


We appreciate your inquiries and the selection process.

Best regards


Attention point on creating a cover page

Collect them in one A4 or B5 sheet. If there is a resume specified by the company, adjust the size.

You can write PC or handwriting.

Because it is the style of a letter, it is basic to write with "I am fine".

Do not write bad things about your company or retired company.

When writing a story of hardship, I put it down in the conclusion of what I got through it.

The sentence is short, briefly (to avoid complicated explanation, avoid internal terms etc).

Points for promoting document screening favorably

Recruitment staff are looking at resume / job history from about dozens of daily to over a hundred. It is important to appeal the difference with other applicants in order to have you think that "I want to meet this person" from among various documents. What matters is that it will not be in accordance with the manual · It is not subjective and selfish contents. Let's look back on our own advantages and careers and create documents that will convey enthusiasm to recruiters.


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A thorough explanation on how to write retirement notice and retirement application (with template and envelope writing method)

What kind of keywords did you find that you are looking at this page now? Retirement request? Notification of retirement? Or is it how to resign.

Actually, retirement applications, retirement notifications and resignations are used in different cases. I often use in job change, "retirement application". This time, I will explain the difference of such words, and I will explain the flow until I issue a retirement request, how to write a retirement request, how to hand it.

Let's know what procedures should be taken against the company to retire, "" How long should I tell you to retire at retirement? "So that you can retire smoothly.

1. Retirement application, retirement notification, resignation difference

Although "retirement application" and "retirement notification" tend to be confused, the case to use depends on the reason for retirement.

Generally, when you retire at your own convenience, a retirement application.  Since it is a meaning "to ask retirement to the company", it will not retire at the time of submission.  Until the other party accepts it, it is possible to withdraw.

On the other hand, if you retire at company reason, you will not receive a retirement notification.  Since retirement notification is interpreted as a strong intention to the company, retirement is decided at the time of acceptance.  Please note that withdrawal after submission may not be accepted in some cases.

Finally, the resignation table is rarely used by regular employees.  It is the executives who are involved in the management of the company and the civil servants who need to submit their resignation.

★ Point here
★ Retirement application - Basically it is used in retirement by "self-circumstances".  
★ Retirement Notice → Basically it is used for retirement by "company convenience".  
★ Resignation request (resignation) → Used when officers and civil servants retire.

2. How to pass a retirement application

Submission destination of retirement application

To submit a petition for retirement, it is "director (department manager, department manager, etc.) who reports directly to the department to which you belong.  Even if you are a reliable partner, it is not good to tell your colleagues and other departments responsible in advance.  Even if by any chance it is reported from other people that you retire to your boss, your boss's position will disappear.  Let's always tell the direct supervisor to tell the intention of retiring at first.

How to deliver a retirement application and timing

Please tell the direct supervisor that you want time to talk with e-mail beforehand by e-mail, talking in a private room avoiding eye-catching.  When reporting to a boss when it is a TV drama, there may be an image that confronts a retirement request  , but submit a withdrawal application after "the date of retirement is officially decided" .  When I check the schedule and flow in the future such as the month of the first negotiations, the number of days to retire, what to submit to the retirement petition to whom, the need to talk with whom until retirement , Retirement negotiations will be easier to progress smoothly.

★ Point here

When cutting out retirement, it is not "consultation" but "reporting" stance

When talking about retirement to an immediate boss, let's tell stories with a stance of "I have something I want to report" rather than cutting out "I have consultation" and strongly tell you that my intention to retire is firm.  I am exhausted as retirement negotiations prolong.  In the first interview, we decided not to speak "Please let me quit" "I want to quit ...", but I am determined that my determination to retire as "I will retire", "I decided to retire" etc. Attitude to appeal is important.

To draw a shake, with a sense of unwavering

Let's assume beforehand that if you cut down the story of retirement, it will match with the drawback.  Sometimes a phone call comes in and may be caught from a boss, as well as a recruiter at the time of entering the company and a senior who has taken care of him.  Basically it is a thing that gives up if it is in vain whether there is a strong intention to join the next company, trying to withdraw from circle despite being stopped.  Let's be conscious as you look, with unwavering preparedness.  There is no need to dare to fight, so it is a point to tell the will of retirement while setting up your boss.

3. General flow until retirement

Under the provisions of the Civil Code (Article 627, Paragraph 1), it is obliged to submit retirement applications at least two weeks in advance.  However, taking into consideration the retirement procedure and the time taken to hand over the work, it is recommended to start acting as soon as possible.  Here, I will introduce the general flow until retirement.

Confirm retirement provision / 2 to 1 month ago

If you decide to retire, let's first check the "retirement provision" stated in your employment regulations.  For example, if it says that "an offer is made up to one month before retirement", let's offer a retirement as it is.

Consultation on retirement date / 1 month ago ~

I will tell my immediate superiors my intent to retire and decide the retirement date for how long I will work.  Consider the time taken to take over work and the date of hiring of your new employer, let's make it a reasonable schedule.  Since it affects preparation for acceptance of a company to change, we do not change fundamentally once we decide once the hiring date.

Submission of retirement application / Company and consultation required

Depending on the company, you may be asked to submit the prescribed documents under the employment rules, so in that case let's submit the written document according to the regulations.  Many companies have stated that the retirement application is submitted as "one month before the retirement date", so it is good to prepare in advance by the deadline.  When handling a retirement application, let's hand it directly rather than leaving it at the boss's desk.

Work taking over / one month ago ~

When a retirement application is accepted, I will start working as soon as possible.  It is also conceivable that persons in charge of succession can not be decided immediately, so it is recommended that you create materials so that you can take over your work without delay in whatever they are in charge of.  Let me elaborate on details of the work of your work and the progress of work.  In the case of a sales position, it is a good idea to list information such as "what kind of story did you talk about" "what kind of personality do you have" in the charge customer list?  By carefully putting it together in writing, you can tell the good faith to the company who took care of us.

Greeting to business partner around / 2 weeks ago ~

We will respond to greetings to our business partners according to the company's intention.  Also, when the successor was decided, I requested the accompanying bank.  When referring to a business partner, if you say that the successor is "a reliable person", etc., the business partner can be relieved and the successor should be able to work more easily.

4. What to prepare before submitting a retirement application

It is a place where I want to receive retirement applications smoothly in order to make a regular leave.  However, if envelopes and letter paper notes are dirty, or they are insane, the receiving side will memorize some stuff.  That's why  when writing retirement aim, it is important to aim for "envelopes and stationery with as little risk as possible" .  Here I will introduce what I will prepare before I start writing, aiming for a retirement request without horns.


Type of envelope: White solid plain double envelope with no postal number frame

An envelope suitable for putting a retirement request is "white solid color".  Even with the same white envelope, let's avoid avoiding as much as possible the one with the red frame "□□□ - □□□□" which writes the postal code.  What is called a "white envelope" "double envelope", which is double-structured with purple paper etc. whose contents can not be seen, is said to be appropriate.

A light brown color "tea envelope" made of kraft paper is often used for administrative purposes and is cheaper than white envelope, so it is said that putting a retirement request is a manner violation.

Size of envelope: different depending on paper

Envelopes are divided according to shape and size, such as Long Form ○, Square ○ ○ and so on.  It is a good idea to prepare an envelope that fits exactly the size of the paper you are using.  It is common for retirement applications to be enclosed in "three folds" on envelopes.  Choosing a smaller envelope that can be hidden in your pocket, such as B5 size, makes it easier to put in a suit breast pocket and so on.

~ When outputting from personal computer ~
  • A4 paper ... long form 3 (120 x 235 mm, long 3 envelope)
  • B5 Paper ... Long Shape No. 4 (90 × 205 mm. Length 4 envelope)
~ When writing handwritten notes ~
  • A4 Stationery (210 × 297 mm) ... Long shape No. 3 (120 × 235 mm, long 3 envelopes)
  • B5 Stationery (182 × 257 mm) ... Long shape No. 4 (90 × 205 mm. Long 4 envelopes)


Let's use copy paper or letter paper.  There is no need to stick to the material of the paper, but the paper color should be easy to read white.  When using paper letters with handwriting, there is a choice of whether or not a ruled line is entered or not, but there is no problem whether ruled lines are entered or not.  If you are not good at writing letters straight on plain paper, I recommend you enter the ruled line.

Writing utensils

Writing utensils used in retirement applications have no particular restrictions other than "using black".  However, the brush pen, magic, and felt pen are thick and distinguishable.  If you want to retire without horns, it would be better to use "ballpoint pen" or "fountain pen".

clear file

The white envelope is dirty and folds are noticeable.  Until just before submitting it, it is a good idea to carry it in a clear file.

5. Precautions before writing "retirement request" "retirement notification"

Before writing "retirement application" "retirement notification", the first thing to note is "employment rules" of companies that are enrolled.  There are many cases where deadlines to submit "retirement request" and "retirement notification" are stated, and some companies have rules to submit up to "two months in advance" of the desired retirement date.

Legally, there is no problem with the application two weeks before retirement, but retirement negotiations may occur due to the company's decision.  Please be sure to check your employment rules so as not to increase labor.

How to put in an envelope

How to fold stationery (points)

  1. Fold the part where the letter is written on the surface, and fold from the bottom so that the upper right is at the top.
  2. Let's adjust the width basically so that it enters the envelope in three folds.  If the width of the envelope is narrow, you can fold it and enclose it.
  3. Let's fold carefully so that chopsticks of paper letters overlap with chitin.

Orientation in envelope (procedure)

  1. Enclose so that the top right hand side of the letterhead comes to the top of the face on which the letterhead's address was written.
  2. Put on the envelope and paste it so that wrinkles do not get close.
  3. I will write "〆" in the place where you paste.

6. Retirement application · How to write an envelope

Depending on the company, there may be a fixed form, so let's first check the "retirement provision" described in the employment regulations.  In many cases there is no format.  It is common for retirement applications to be handwritten on white paper, in vertical writing with black ballpoint pen or fountain pen.  Here I will show you how to write retirement applications by item.

How to write a retirement application

How to write a retirement application (procedure)

  1. I write "Retirement Request" at the beginning.  Try to write somewhat larger than other characters, in the middle of the line, or slightly above it.
  2. Let's write one line from the title written as "retirement request" and write it as "private affairs" or "personalities" at the bottom.  It means "Although it is a warming ... ...."
  3. There is no need to write down the reason for retirement.  For whatever reason it's better to write "for personal reasons."
  4. We will list the retirement date in the Japanese calendar (Heisei Year).
  5. Retirement application is a "request for retirement" document, so it is better not to say "retire".  I'd like to "thank you" in a form to make inquiries.
  6. Describe the date of submitting a retirement application in Japanese calendar.
  7. Write department / affiliation department at the time of retirement.  Let's write down a little bit so that your name comes below the last president's name.
  8. I will imprint after my name.  There are no problems with three sentences, but let's avoid shachihata.
  9. Write the official name of the company.
  10. The address will be president and stated with full name.  The honorific name uses "Hono" or "Mr."
  11. When writing is completed, check whether there are spelling errors.  If you should make a mistake, do not use a correction pen and let's rewrite it on new paper again.

Sample of retirement application

How to write envelopes

Writing an envelope (procedure)

  1. Let's write only "retirement request" on the surface of the envelope.  It is good to be conscious of the position slightly above the center.
  2. On the bottom left of the back side, write your department / affiliation department and full name.  An address is not necessary.
  3. If it is personal delivery, you can seal the envelope or not.  However, when using an envelope with "glue sticker", it is better to seal it because of the appearance problem.
  4. When enveloping the envelope, write "shopping" so that it flaps over the center of the back of the envelope.

7. Frequently Asked Questions on "Notification of Retirement" and "Retirement Request"

Is it possible to withdraw the "retirement application" I submitted?

Even if it is requested that the applicant withdraw from the "retirement application" once accepted by the company, the company is not obliged to respond to the cancellation of "retirement application".  However, since the way of thinking and judgment of "acceptance" differs depending on the company, I think whether you can consult with personnel officers or boss once.

»Career Change Q & A | Can I withdraw the" Retirement Request "I submitted?

Can I change the retirement date after the retirement date is decided?

About retirement time It is difficult to change by self-ownership because it will be a contract with the company side.  However, depending on the company, there are also cases that it responds, so how about having a consultation once?

»Career Change Q & A | Can I change my retirement date after my retirement date has been decided?

Can I retire if I can not accept a retirement request?

It is said that the civil law "to indicate intention to retire two weeks before the retirement day".  Therefore, if you are making an intention to retire more than two weeks ago, you can retire regardless of acceptance of retirement notification.

»Career Change Q & A | Can not Retire if You Can not Receive a Retirement Request?

I will soon negotiate.  Should I tell my retirement intention?

If there are no job takers, there is a possibility that a period of not having a job will occur.  Therefore, it is safe to tell from retirement intention intention after it comes out.

»Job change jobs Q & A |  Should I tell my retirement intention?

Do I have to retire according to the employment regulations?

In the Civil Code, it is stipulated to express resignation by the 14th day before the desired retirement day, so if you keep it, the company can not bind it.  However, we recommend that you follow the rules of employment as much as possible, in order to withdraw from office after a mutual agreement.

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Have you ever seen a word "franchise" at a restaurant's leaflet or job posting site? For example, it is a flyer called "Franchise opening business owner want! Let's have your own ramen shop!" Somehow, I understand that it is a word related to independence · practice, but I think that there are many people who think that it would be related to themselves if it were to work. This time, we will introduce "What is franchise" and "work related to franchise and its attractiveness".

■ What does a franchise mean?

A franchise is a contract that is tied up between a person who wishes to establish independence, a franchise (hereinafter referred to as a franchise) and a company that has know-how to operate the company (hereafter headquarters). Franchisees can start businesses using headquarters brands and know-how by paying the franchise and royalties (a few percent of sales) to the headquarters. Also, by gathering franchise stores that work together, the headquarters will be able to develop larger businesses quickly. 
※ The franchisee is called "franchisee", and the headquarters is called "franchiser".

 Examples of franchise business

Food service industry, service industry, mainly, store type business (box also business) is often seen. The representative ones are as follows. 
· Food service industry (ramen shop, bBQ etc) 
· Convenience store 
· Cleaning shop 
· Fitness club 
· Learning cram school
· The work of franchisee (franchisee)

Utilizing the know-how of the headquarters, making a business successful is a goal. While raising sales, management such as employment and education is implemented. At the end of the fiscal year, there are jobs unique to management, such as tax return declarations. If one business succeeds, we will expand our business by increasing the number of stores (number of locations) and developing new business.

· Headquarters (franchisor) work

The headquarters' work can be broadly divided into two. One is to "develop a new business and make it successful." Development of "a new style pub (which has never existed before)" is a new business. It is a goal to make the business succeed while actually building shops and bases and accumulating know-how. Another is to "put the successful business in the franchise system, gather a large number of franchise stores, and expand it to a large extent." Recruitment of franchisees and planning of contract terms. We will provide management support to those who joined. The goal is to build a single industry by putting the business of many affiliated stores on track.

· Headquarters (franchisor) work

The headquarters' work can be broadly divided into two. One is to "develop a new business and make it successful." Development of "a new style pub (which has never existed before)" is a new business. It is a goal to make the business succeed while actually building shops and bases and accumulating know-how. Another is to "put the successful business in the franchise system, gather a large number of franchise stores, and expand it to a large extent." Recruitment of franchisees and planning of contract terms. We will provide management support to those who joined. The goal is to build a single industry by putting the business of many affiliated stores on track.

■ Who is going to apply (representative motivation for motivation)

A typical reason for choosing is as follows.

○ Member store (franchisee) motivation for job seeking

· I want to own my own shop (I am considering independence in the future) 
· I like to provide services to customers 
· I want to work near the manager

○ Headquarters (Franchiser) motivation for job seeking

· I have enthusiasm for store management · 
I want to make business from 0 (zero) 
· I am interested in expanding business

■ How to find franchise jobs

(1) Job Site

Large categories to search by job category: "Sales · Service system", Small category: "Store development", "FC development", "Supervisor" etc. 
* Supervisor is a job category that carries out management support for affiliated stores .

○ Search by keyword 
"FC development", "business development", "supervisor", etc.

(2) Regional Job Hunting Journal

There may be cases where job openings of candidate manager for franchisor (franchisor) or candidates for franchisee management candidates may be posted.

What did you think. No longer franchise contracts are indispensable in the food service industry and service industry. I would be pleased if you could have an interest in the franchise business through the keyword franchise. Please try it by all means.

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The seventh bulletin of the work guide that approaches the work content of various occupations in the world. It picks up this time about the work content of publicity. I have heard about the job title "public relations" itself, but many people do not know what they are actually doing. This time, I introduce everything in the front and backstory. First of all, in the first part, the definition of publicity, concrete work content. In the second part, we will introduce the method of a career change, what kind of person is suitable etc.

What is the PR mission? What is different from advertisement and IR?

What is public relations and what do you do? Public information is also expressed as "PR". It is used as "PR for new products", "I want to PR company", etc. Do you know the correct meaning of PR?

PR stands for "Public Relations". It means "Public = common people" and "Relations = relationship" work. In other words, it plays a role of connecting society and our company. Companies are doing a variety of activities, but in order to carry out business activities more smoothly, it is necessary to have society recognize the activities of their company correctly, to raise cognition and impression, that is, brand power. "Speaking of ● ● is a company A" "Ideally it is the first recall with a good image that company A is a good company.

Also, many people are confused with "advertisement". The final mission (raising the brand value of the company) is the same, so I can make it easy to misunderstand. In the case of advertisement promotion, we will purchase the content of each media (TV, newspaper, radio, Web etc) at an expense and send out their information. Therefore, if you pay justice for any information, information will definitely go out to society. On the other hand, we will encourage public relations to be picked up by disseminating information on our company to the media. The media side feels the value of the information provided and starts distributing it to society after thinking "I want to pick it up". Therefore, no matter how much information you send, it depends on each media whether it can be picked up, and how it will be reported if picked up.

Another job type that is easy to confuse is "IR". IR stands for "Investor Relations". In other words, it means work "Investor = investor" and "Relations = relationship" work. For this reason, companies listed on the stock market are responsible for disseminating their management information to investors. The mission in this case is the same as public relations and advertisement publicity. It is to raise the brand value of our company on the stock market.

What kind of work is PR?

So, what exactly does the spokesperson do on a daily basis?

Even if you say "publicity" as a matter of time, the width of the work varies widely from company to company. There are cases where more than 10 people are enrolled in the public relations department at major companies, but it is not uncommon for SMEs not to have a full-time representative for PR. Besides that, listed companies are also concurrently engaged in IR work. Depending on the company, the degree of focus on publicity differs, so please check as an example only.

The work content can be divided into two main parts. Specifically, it is "outside publicity" and "in-house PR".

◎ About "outside public relations"

There are four main points as publicity activities toward outside the company.

> Offensive Public Relations Activity 1 | Create Press Release

We will investigate what kind of company's information can be sent to society, and create a "press release". By issuing press releases, we can communicate our efforts to society. Press releases include "corporate management", "products / services", "research reports", "crisis response", and so on.

> Offensive Public Relations Activity Part 2 | Relationship Building with Media

If you do not have a destination to deliver the press release you created, you will not see the eyes of the day. For this reason, we regularly check each media and gather information. We will select the media for which we want to present our company information and create a network with media representatives. The press release mentioned earlier is usually handed over to the media by e-mail, fax, and possibly bringing in. Regular contact with media personnel who have contacts. By doing so, you can learn what kind of information is needed on that media and get the appropriate communication.

> Public Relations Activities for Protection Part 1 |

Especially noteworthy care and attention venture and super-major national company, it is the core business. Even if you do not transmit information from here, there are frequent inquiries from the media side that "I want to pick it up". Of course, there may be a request to see the press release sent by the company and to interview. Speed is life for correspondence correspondence correspondence. We need prompt response to various inquiries.

> Public Relations Activities for Protection Part 2 | Crisis Management Response

It is also an important mission to respond to emergency situations that will damage the brands such as information leaks and scandals. Also called 'crisis management public relations', the magnitude of influence on brand value is decided by one response of emergency.

◎ About in-house PR

In fact, it is important to point out not only to the outside but also to the company when sending information about our company. The purpose is various, but representative examples are as follows.

· Increase employee's publicity awareness

· Acquire information that can be sent from your company

· Share common situations in society

· Create a sense of unity as a company

SNS is now well established, and the influence of information transmitted by individuals is rising. Therefore, we will raise awareness by sending information as a single employee. It is important to prevent brand decline due to inadvertent flames by enlightening each employee's awareness of compliance. Moreover, by sharing what attention is being done on the media side, we will make sure that there is no discrepancy between our activities and society. Representative tools for internal public relations include distribution of company newsletter and implementation of in-house events.

The first part is here. What do you think. Even with publicity, the scope of the work varies from company to company. If you are planning to change jobs to publicity, let's check how far you are required for each business.

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