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"I have written my resume, but what should I write about my job history?"

It is questionable about this "job history record" that is frequently asked by those who just started changing jobs. Although I understand that it is necessary documents when applying to a company in a career change job, I do not know what to write. Maybe you are watching this page now as well. So, this time, I will introduce the preparation mental attitude ~ concrete writing way concerning the curriculum vitae which beginners of job change activities are stubborn under supervision of job change advisor of personnel introduction company which supports career change activity. We also have a collection of samples by occupation at the end of the sentence, so please use it to create a curriculum vitae.

1. Basics of curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae "Weapons to fight job change" | Roles of position of job curriculum · Standing position

"Curriculum vitae is a weapon for fighting career change."

The job change adviser of the recruitment company says, There may be people who thought that it was exaggerated ... Career history is an important document that appeals to your company on behalf of you, your career and skills. No matter how talented you are, if you can not express it with your curriculum vitae, you will not open the door to the intention company. In other words, existence that greatly influences life. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a weapon to open up a life and fight a change of career change. Consider this point and let's face the preparation.

What is the difference between a resume and a job history record?

When you change your career, you are generally required to submit your resume and job history from the recruitment company. However, there are people who have doubts that "What is different between resume and job history record?" Actually, the two documents have a very different role. As a result, recruiters in recruitment companies have different points of view for documents. It is important to understand the difference between the resume and the job history carefully and then create it.


A resume is a document that conveys basic information such as your educational background and employment history. A detailed description of employment history is unnecessary because it is described in the job history booklet, but let's create it with awareness that you are going to convey your own appealing point. Also, among the application documents, it is also the resume that can post the only visual "photo". Since the impression of the photograph strongly influences the document selection, it is necessary to stick to the completion of the photograph.

[Points seen by recruiters] From
the resume on which basic personal information was written, in order to know the person "you", recruiters are looking at the following points of view.

□ Are you able to commute to 
□ Can you evaluate academic background or work history □ How many times you have changed job □ Do you have a 
relationship with your business 
□ You have qualifications for practical use 
□ What motivation you want for your company 
□ Whether salary or duty form matches recruitment requirements 
□ Writing in polite letters (in case of sticking to handwriting)

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum vitae is a document that conveys the practical ability and experience of your work, skill information etc. As mentioned above, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a weapon in a career change. Also, unlike resume, there is no fixed format. At the end of this page, sample templates can be downloaded so please use it.

[Points to be seen by hiring personnel] From
the curriculum vitae in which the work which you have been experienced until now is detailed, in order to know the skills and knowledge that you have, recruiters see from the following viewpoints.

□ How long and what kind of initiatives and how much achievement 
has been achieved 
□ Is the strength of work something □ Presentation skills exist 
□ Do you have the skills and knowledge of practical skills required for recruitment job 
□ Are you going to leave the position / mission of work? □ Is the objective of a change of job convincing? 
□ Is there consistency in experience and reasons of desire 
□ Will it lead to career advancement by changing jobs 
□ Whether the description content is credible

A word advice from a change career advisor

In the interview after passing through the document selection as well as the selection of the documents that will be the primary screening, most of the cases are asked by interview about the contents written in the job history book. Therefore, assuming the matters to be asked from the company, document preparation Let's face it.

Q & A related to WEB resume

· Can I print a WEB resume and use it for my job history?

· Can the job history record be the same as the WEB resume?

· Should retirement reasons be written in the web resume?

· Can you correct the contents of the web resume after entry?

Basic items of job history (content)

Let's check the basic items to describe while looking at the format example of the job history record.


Required / optional item Described contents
Required title "Curriculum vitae"
Required date Fill in the entry date "○○ 年 ○ 月 月 ○ 日 Current".
Required Name Fill in your full name.
Any Contact address (address, telephone number, etc.) <Body>
Required Job abstract (overview) I describe the outline of my job history by maximum 5 lines.
Required Job career · Company Profile 
Company name · Capital fund · Employee · Sales amount · Business content · Number of employees · Sales amount etc · Even if there is an unknown part, please mention only company name · business contents. 
· Period of engaging in duties (○ year ○ month - ○ year · month 
· · department · position (affiliation, promotion history, etc.) 
· specific job title 
· achievement (achievement) 
· award history 
description of the activities . List 3 to 5 lines for each item as a guide. In concrete duty content, we will briefly summarize what kind of work, who worked for and who did it.
Any Acquisition qualification It is effective to write the holding qualifications related to the duties you are applying. It is not an abbreviation but an official name. Including the acquisition time will be described.
Any Computer skills For administrative job creative types, creative job types, etc., it is necessary items. For each available application such as word, excel, Illustrator, photoshop, we will describe skill level. (Excel / Pivot creation)
Any Language skill TOEIC, TOEFL etc. Please describe concretely, including the certificate name and score. Even if you are not taking the exam etc, if you are using language in your work, write "Business English level" and level.
Any  Self PR It is a block that appeals concretely, such as their abilities and motivation. Let's appeal what you think will be effective in your company from among the past job history. Appeal yourself so that personnel staff wants to meet you, such as skills, skills, connections, leadership if you have leader experience, and ability to act as a salesperson.
Required Motivation for motivation There is a column to write motivation for motivation in the resume, but be careful not to make it exactly the same content. Let's raise the reason for applying for the company to which you apply, by incorporating concrete experience and episode in the job history record.
Any Page number (non-bull) A curriculum vitae is about 2 sheets on A4 paper. Even if the job history varies widely, it will be created within 3 sheets at most. It is common to write the page number (non-bull) in the footer so that company recruiters will not hesitate which page they are viewing.


A word advice from a change career advisor

Job abstract (overview), which is an indispensable item at the beginning, is important anyway! 
A person in charge of human resources will receive dozens or hundreds of curriculum vitaes from your rival applicants. Therefore, it is difficult to read all the documents, it is said to decide whether to look through until the end depending on the clarity of this job overview. Let's summarize your career in an easy-to-understand way and set out points to appeal to yourself.

How to write a career Q & A

【General Career】
· Do I have to list all the results of the past in my curriculum vitae?

· The company that worked before was bankrupt. Do not you have to write as work experience?

· If you have written in your resume, is it not necessary to write a short career for a few months in the job history record?

· Do not you have to write job history of a job type different from the applicant in the application form?

【Part-time · temporary staffing experience】
· Can I write a part-time job in my school days in my curriculum vitae?

· Do you have a part-time job as a job career, too?

· In case of part-time jobs as well, should you write curriculum vitae? In that case how should I write?

· Can I write my job history as a temporary worker in the application form?

· Do I have to mention all my past records in my curriculum vitae?

【Sidebroken · Freelance · Volunteer experience】
· Is it OK to write side jobs in application documents?

· Can I mention volunteer experience as work experience?

· Can I describe freelance experience as work experience?

How to write a job career Q & A

【How to write · How to create】
· Can you create a job history from color?

· Is it possible to create a curriculum vitae by handwriting?

【Manner · Rule】
· Can I give the client's name in real name in my job history?

· I work for a company that everyone knows but should I write "company overview"?

· Is not it impressive if you summarize the sentences of the application documents in "is · ·" style?

[Point of description] 
· Can you write "corporation" as abbreviated as "(sha)" in the application documents?

· Do you write the number including the president in the "Number of Employees" column in the WEB resume?

· Does the company "enter", the bank "enters", anything else?

· I am working as a "semi employee". How do I write the form of employment in my application documents?

· I am working as a temporary employee on a hourly system, but how can I include my annual income?

· The surname will change. Which surname should be stated at the time of entry?


Format of curriculum vitae (form)

The form (form) of the curriculum vitae can be roughly divided into "carrier type" and "knitting type".

Ceremonial formula

It is the most common form that shows the job content along the time series. In particular, it is said that it is suitable for "people with little experience in society" and "people who do not have a lot of change or change in career".

Since we can read the annual formula with reference to the resume, there is a feature that it is easy for the recruiter to be informed of the process of carrying the career, basically it is recommended to create a curriculum vitae in this form .

Inverse knitting formula

The inverted bodily formula literally means the inverse of the braiding formula. It will be a way of expressing work experience in time series from the present to the past.

It seems that it is suitable for cases where you want to appeal the latest experience, such as "If the job you are applying is the same as the current work content or if you are close," or "A person in their 30s or older who has long experience in social workers" It is said.

Carrier type

Career formula refers to the form of "summarizing job experience by job function field". In order to make the work content heading instead of employment date etc, it can be said that it is easy to convey such as "what did you do" "what is your specialty field?" For that reason, it is suitable for those who want to appeal to people with a large number of turns and experiences and skills (such as technical or professional jobs).

Is it better to write the curriculum vitae by "PC" or "handwritten"?

Until then, the curriculum vitae / resume was created by handwriting purchased ready-made products, but now it is common to create on a PC. Nevertheless, many people think that handwriting is polite?

As a trend, companies that do not publish job openings on the Internet, historically established long-established companies, family-run local companies, etc., may prefer handwritten application documents. In some cases you are thinking about drawing personality from handwritten letters, and if you apply for such companies, you can say that it is better to create your resume by handwriting.

On the other hand, there is a high possibility that there is no problem even with companies posting job offers at job change sites on the Internet or enterprises accepting applications from the homepage, even for application documents created on PC. In IT companies, etc., when writing application documents by handwriting, it gives the impression that "handwriting is so old, poor efficiency" "I am an IT company wanting to be able to master the tool of personal computer" It may not be possible to pass document screening. For that reason, let's make sure that you decide which is better for each company you apply.

<Details here> 
Should my resume be written in words? | PC creation and handwriting, what is the better form? (There are download examples)

2. How to write a curriculum vitae

How to write a job history that does not fail! Iron rule is "to create from the viewpoint of the reader"!

A job change advisor who has confirmed a lot of application documents, the iron rule which can not be absolutely excluded from the way of writing a job career is "Do not write what you want to write, do not write what you want to tell, Writing what you want to see ".

No matter how great your experience or skill you are, you will not produce any effect if your company does not want it. Think about what kind of experience and skills the company you are applying for is seeking recruitment (talent) by thinking about the qualification field and the job description of job information, and make you feel like you can be active as an immediate fighting force. I will describe my experience / skill in my curriculum vitae.

A word advice advise ①

For example, in the case of recruitment of "experienced corporate sales", the point at which the personnel officer of the company sees the applicant's job history will be able to play an active part in the company's business. Specifically, in the past sales experience,

  1. What kind of products handled (handled products, services)
  2. What kind of customer was in charge (new customer / existing customer, industry type)
  3. What achievement did you give (sales, number of items, in-house awards)

It is the part you want to check. The closer the sales style that we have experienced, such as tangible goods and types of intangible goods, close to the company's own goods, new development, follow-up of existing customers, etc., there is a possibility that the evaluation will be higher. Let's describe it by closing up the close experience and skills of our own by calculating back from the required skill.

Advice advice of change career advisor ②

If you are not inexperienced in recruited occupation, in order to stand on the same start line as a person with practical experience, also extract the past experience factors that can be utilized for recruitment jobs and let 'appeal "basic ability". For example, if you are experienced in the hospitality / sales business of high-priced items such as precious metals, when applying for 'sales of high-priced products for individuals such as home sales', they will appeal with their abilities including the ability to build relationships with high net worth customers It is effective. How you can extract keywords that are hidden among recruiters is key. If you do not think of yourself, you can consult with a third party such as a changeover advisor.

How to write by pattern / situation Q & A

· I am struggling for my second job change and document selection

· I graduated from university in March and I am still finding job hunting. What should I write in my curriculum vitae?

· There is no achievement that can be represented by numbers like sales staff. What should I write?

· When describing achievements on application documents, should I write even with poor performance?

· In case of self-employment, how should it be stated in the resume?

· I want to challenge clerical clerks inexperienced. Please tell me the tips you can accept

Emphasize clarification of job skills! Use "5W1H" to describe!

Another iron rule in creating job history should be described using "5W1H". It is more important than ever to write experiences so far. For those who do not know you at all, when, when, where (Where), who (Who), what (Why), how (How) Let's organize and describe your work experience.

A word advice from a change career advisor
As mentioned earlier, company recruiters have confirmed many application documents. Therefore, do not look through the corner from the corner of the job history, read diagonally from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. I am checking whether it is "a person to be called for an interview" within that short time. That's why, instead of writing the contents of the job for a long time, let's use "5W1H" to make it easy to understand with a sense of speed. Just by changing the way of appeals and how to use words, chances to interview can be born.

Frequently asked questions and measures

· Do you appreciate how many of your curriculum vitae are written?

· How can I summarize the curriculum vitae shortly?

· How many brief curriculum vitae should we put together? Can I add my own PR?

· Although there are multiple work experiences, contents that you want to appeal are similar to each company. How should you appeal?

· Can I describe Word or Excel learned at a school as "available software"?

After finishing writing the curriculum vitae, it is recommended that "check with a third party".

After I finish writing my career history, I will not finish with a mistake / omission check and submit .... We encourage you to set up opportunities for third parties to see once before submitting. If you consult with a job change advisor of a recruitment company, you can receive advice as above and you can also use the correction service that the recruitment site is doing. Let's get frank opinions and impressions from others. It may seem a bit embarrassing to be seen by someone, but it's easy for me to narrow my horizons by myself. It is the process that we want to work on to pass document screening.

Checkpoint on items described in the job history record

Checkpoint by item

The entire

  • Whether it is easy to see (line feed, layout, font size, typo).
  • Is it gathered in about 2 sheets (about 3 sheets with many employment backgrounds)?
  • Do not use terminology that is difficult to communicate in other industries and other companies
  • Is the wording appropriate? Is there something wrong wording, "Is there something that is" or "Is there something is mixed"?


Job summary

  • Is it explained briefly at 5 W 1 H?
  • Approximately 3 to 5 rows are appropriate. Write short and concise sentences. Let's make bulleted information itemized.
  • Do you emphasize that you want to pay attention especially to the job overview (beginning)? 
    * It is useful when introducing yourself at the interview.
  • Does it focus on skills and experience that seem likely to be useful as an immediate fighting force of the applicant company? 
    ※ Let's avoid unnecessary items.
  • * Part-time and part-time experience will also be a material to appeal to you in the case of long-term jobs or job titles that are the same as the job title or industry you have been doing for over 3 months.


Company Profile

  • Does information on what company can be imaged such as business contents, capital, sales, number of employees, listing unlisted, etc. listed?


Business content

  • Does the role (department, title, change, etc.) in the organization and the period (20 Years Year - 20 Years Year - Month) are stated?
  • Is the content of the work experienced concretely written? 
    * Let's describe it from the work related to your desired job category.


Achievements / Achievements

  • Is it expressed quantitatively as much as possible? (Values ​​that can be evaluated, such as achievement rate, year-on-year comparison, share, cost reduction rate) 
    ※ Numbers do not convey the greatness if there is no comparison target.
  • Let's describe how compared with what we compared, such as sales ○ yen yen → sales ○ yen (achievement rate 120%).
  • Does it not only describe the result but what is devised to produce the result?


Useful skills / experience

  • Are you devised to make it clear on the document that you fully understand the skills and knowledge required by the company? Using keywords such as "building relationships with customers" and "new development capabilities", what is the strength to convey at a glance?

Let's check whether it is easy-to-read sentences?

⇒ Please tell me how to check sentences

Points to note when writing curriculum vitae | NG curriculum vitae!

In the curriculum vitae which seems to be clearly NG among the job change adviser so far, it seems that there are the following four points. Please check whether your own curriculum vitae does not apply.

There are many misspellings.

Curriculum vitae is the first point of contact between you and the company. If there are many misspellings or disappearances, are there also many mistakes and complicated parts in work? And it will be concerned from the company side. "People neglecting the task of reviewing it as an important document," giving the impression that "I can not see the seriousness despite my changing career with my life" is a big minus. Let's carefully check. 
* In addition to misspellings, let's also check that "Tone that is" or "I am" is in agreement, or that the font (type, size, half-width full-width) matches.

Letters are too crowded, too much sentence.

In the case that it is written carefully with small letters and it is hard to read, or a job history record that exceeds 3 sheets, recruiters are evaluated as "unable to worry about the position of the reader" or "there is no power to summarize concisely" I will.

There are many blanks and contents are faint.

If the content is Skusca's curriculum vitae, it gives the impression that "Do you really feel like getting over us?" I do not want to take the trouble to invite an unwilling person to an interview. Let's appeal properly in proper quantity.

Unknown terms, inappropriate words are heavily used.

In the case of using the technical term of the industry, or writing a word which is not common in usual, when there is no explanation, give the impression "I am not careful". Also, if it is a formal document but a spoken word is entered, or if the word is childish, it gives the impression that it is "a person without common sense".

If you are not a bad job skill, will you always pass through the screening?

⇒ Why is it becoming rejected in document screening?

By occupation! Description example of job history record (sample)

You can see a sample of job history record by job type from the following, so please refer to it. 
We will also post points and other points that companies in charge of personnel affairs see, so please click on the link of the job you apply from below Please confirm.

Sales related jobs
  • Sales staff (corporate sales)
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Financial sales
  • MR
  • Sales Manager
  • Call center related jobs
  • Career consultant · Dispatch coordinator
  • Customer support, user support


Management · Planning · Clerical affairs, Profession
  • Business Planning
  • public relations
  • marketing
  • Product planning
  • Finance
  • Human Resources · General Affairs
  • Clerk
  • Intellectual property · Legal affairs
  • Trade affairs
  • purchase
  • consultant


Service related post
  • MD, buyer, store development
  • Supervisor, area manager
  • Store manager, manager's candidate
  • Sales staff, hall staff
  • Teacher / instructor / instructor
  • Welfare / long-term care related work
  • Hotel · accommodation service
  • Travel related jobs
  • Beauty beauty · Esthe
  • Transportation · Delivery · Logistics


Technical position (IT · Web)
  • System engineers
  • Programmer
  • System consultant
  • PL · PM · PMO
  • Network design, construction and operation
  • Internal SE
  • Technical support, helpdesk


Technical position (manufacturing industry)
  • Development staff (Machinery & Electric)
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Control design
  • Mechanical design
  • Industrial science
  • Production control
  • Quality control / quality assurance
  • Sales engineer
  • Service engineer
  • Manufacturing staff


Technical position (building · civil engineering)
  • Design position (building · civil engineering)
  • Construction management
  • Building and facility management


Creative related jobs
  • Web Producer / Web Director
  • Web designer
  • Web site operation
  • Fashion related creative job, production management


3. How to send a job history

Points to note when sending job history

Depending on the company you apply for, you may be asked to send a job history or resume. In that case I will show you the precautions you want to be careful about.

"Cover letter / cover letter" should be attached

A cover sheet is a document enclosed when mailing a job history book / resume. It is written with a simple greeting and is also called a superscript · cover letter. Although it is not necessarily attached, it is recommended to attach as much as possible as a manner.

Also, not only as a courtesy but also depending on how you use it, you can also appeal the reasons for your desire or enthusiasm for your company. When looking at posted documents, recruiters will see the letter ahead of the resume, so send it along with the application documents unless there are special circumstances.

Cover letter / attachment letter (with templates) | What is the way of mailing

How to write "Envelope" to put in a set of application documents

After application documents are completed, such as job history, resume, etc., attention must also be paid to the envelope that puts the complete set of documents. The size and color of the envelope, the position to write the address and address, and the optimum honorific name depending on the destination. Please refer to the points below for point of writing.

Thorough explanation on how to write envelopes and sending a resume! (Including the method of writing address and address)

How to send by "E-mail" of application

When sending application documents by e-mail, it is necessary to convert curriculum vitae to PDF etc. and send it, and set the password for opening as it contains confidential information. Since manners as a business person are questioned, be careful.

Also, it is the text of the e-mail that overlooks it unexpectedly. Please also refer to the example sentences below from the following for sending mail that you do not think is rude. 
How to send a resume by attaching it to an e-mail | How to attach a password, thorough explanation to even a mail example sentence!

When bringing in application documents at interview

⇒ Please tell me the point when bringing the application documents

4. Summary

I've introduced how to write a curriculum vitae so far, but how was it?

Curriculum vitae (work experience) is an important document that appeals your own careers and skills in career change activities. Be prepared to prepare job history record - Please prepare job history books with reference to concrete writing method, sample collection by job category.

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