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Marketing will start from the market or customers.


On that assumption, no matter how good the product or manufacturing/development technology you have, you can not start to make products and services suddenly.


In order to properly approach markets and customers, it is necessary to take steps to analyze information, to plan and execute, and to execute.


As in the past, like a factory like "You can sell if you make good goods and services" "It will be purchased if you gain awareness," "You will be chosen better than others if you know the goodness", or from a supplier-oriented perspective , We can not do business activities that produce results.


It is a contemporary feature that the market is saturated, and things and services are overflowing.


That's why we need marketing.


The concrete process of marketing is classified into the following six.


<Process for developing marketing strategy>

1. Marketing environment analysis

2. Identification of marketing issues

3. Selection of target market

4. Positioning

5. Optimization of marketing · mix

6. Formulation of the execution plan


Thinking about in a big framework, "1. Marketing environment analysis", "2. Identification of marketing task" is the stage of analyzing information, "3. Target Market Selection", "4. Positioning", "5. Marketing · Mix optimization "is a planning plan, and" 6. Execution plan formulation "is the execution phase.


Comment on the individual elements will be done in the second half, so please first grasp the general flow.



Let's deepen our understanding of the marketing strategy formulation process through concrete examples.


Why do you have to go through six steps? "" What kind of things can be obtained in each process? "



A, a medium-sized home electronics mass merchandiser, is a long-established store that has been in operation for more than 50 years since its establishment, but management is under pressure due to the recent expansion of large stores.


Just simply selling excellent household appliances announced by Japanese manufacturers at retail prices as they are is no longer able to compete with major players who are planning to use thin economies using the economies of scale .


In order to overcome this situation, Z, the founding president, decided to change the fundamental policy on sales strategy.


In the way it used to be, it is inevitable that it is inevitable that it will become dilapidated anyway.


However, I am just holding a head on what kind of sales strategy should be implemented.


Without a specific strategy, time alone will pass.


Well, there was a proposal as to whether to adopt marketing theory from Y employee.


Mr. Y is a one-time sales clerk in the store, but it is a fierce employee who always achieves the goal every week.


Especially, it was highly appreciated by the company because it has a reputation for recommending products to regular customers, and has achieved a sure result even with a small number of visitors.


According to Y's proposal, in order to break through the current situation, it is necessary to formulate a marketing strategy from the beginning.


It takes time.


As a result, the surroundings showed a bad color, but the president of Z who was seeking a fundamental policy change decided to accept the proposal.


Either way, it is clear that the business performance of the company is getting worse as it is.


When deciding the marketing strategy, I decided to do it with the flow of information analysis, strategy planning, execution plan.


It certainly took a while, but in the coming months it was able to properly reflect the strengths not found in other companies, and the company was also brisk.


The marketing strategy of Company A is still to come, but it is a result that we can see a glimpse of the effect.


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