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and small and medium-sized businesses have newly established inside sales departments.

However, some of the people in the Inside Sales department, who are still new in Japan and have few success stories, seem to find it 's painful'.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why inside-sales seems to be "hard." In particular, if you are in charge of sales department and marketing department management is a must read!

Is "inside sales" painful?

Inside-sales sales are conducted by internal communication such as telephone, mail and chat based on the information (leads) of potential customers acquired by the marketing department. It is a sales method that has been attracting attention in recent years, but when you search for "inside sales" on Google, you will find words that make you uneasy.

"Inside sales hard"

What appears in Google Suggest means that the keyword "inside sales hard" has been searched quite a number of times.

Em Tame! The company that operates the media also has an inside sales department, so you can clearly understand the desire to search so. However, it's too bad for us to encourage marketing soaring that inside-sales impressions are just "hot" jobs. So, this time, I would like to delve into the causes of the "spiciness" of inside sales.

2. Inside sales will be the core of the sales organization from now on

First, let's review the background to the increasing demand for inside sales.

With the evolution of cloud technology, in Japan, "subscription type" services that use software on the cloud for a fixed fee such as monthly fees have become extremely popular. A subscription-based business model is one where users can get a stable profit by keeping the contract long even if the unit price for one user is low. In addition, many companies offer a basic service free of charge and use the "freemium" strategy to charge for advanced services in order to lower the entry barrier.

In such a business model, "to get interested customers to become a free member first" and "to shift from a free service to a paid service" are important issues. Inside sales plays a role of "growing" potential customers into actual customers by communicating with customers remotely in this business strategy.

With this background, companies that want to set up an inside sales department are very much in the market, and various tools are also being sold to streamline inside sales.

However, there have been few successful cases of inside sales in Japan, and companies that have already adopted inside sales are still in the process of trial and error. The reason why people who are engaged in inside sales feel "striking" may be because they have a strong feeling that they do not know the correct answer.

3. It is a big organizational problem to make you think that it is "scratchy"

Based on our experience in practicing inside sales, I think that the cause of the “smartness” of inside sales comes not from the business itself but from the instability of the organization and system. We summarized common issues in an organization where the inside sales department is not working well.

(1) Recognition from other departments is low

For companies that previously focused on field sales (outside sales), the inside sales department may be considered as a subordinate organization of the field sales department or may be considered as a teleapo unit for the sales department. It is common.

Other departments are also considered to have a sales role, so they are misunderstood as “inside sales performance = sales” and tend to see less contribution when compared to field sales.

For example, such casual words from other departments are driving inside sales ... 
"It's hard to call me forever" (... I think it's a tele appointment team !?) 
"Call me forever, "I 
can't come to my office all day?"

(2) Can not achieve KPI and KGI

The inability to achieve KPI and KGI will cause every department to feel the difficulty of work, but in the case of the inside sales department, there is a problem that the setting is deviated from the beginning because of the newness of the work There is a case.

● Reasons I can not achieve 1: First of all, there are few leads

Getting a lead isn't a job, as the Inside Sales department is different from the Teleapo unit and the Marketing department. As an organization, if you do not have the number of leads that can achieve the KPI and KGI you set in the first place, it is natural that you can not reach your goal because there is nowhere inside sales can approach by phone or email. If you do not have enough leads, it may be better to dedicate a marketing budget for lead acquisition.

● Reason for not being achieved 2: First of all, products with long lead times

In the first place, despite the fact that the lead time is a long-term product, do you not have KGI that immediately produces results? 
Inside sales are not an immediate measure. Generally, it is said that it will take at least half a year to achieve results. Furthermore, if the product has a long lead time, the time to grow inside sales will be longer, so the time to success will be longer.

● Reason 3 can not be achieved: KPI · KGI is not the purpose in the first place

If only the number of apo acquisitions and the number of actions (calls and opportunities) are used as the indicator of inside sales, the person in charge is desperate to handle the number of calls regardless of the content and quality, and to acquire apo. As a result, the inside sales department may become a teleapo unit, or the sales may be swayed by poor quality apo and become inefficient.

Inside-sales needs a metric that was originally intended to "get a potential customer." For example, "number of status ups" and "number of ranks up". It is important to keep track of multiple KPIs in a balanced manner by combining such indicators with the number of apoons, the number of projects, and the number of orders received.

(3) The measure changes and I can not see the correct answer

Not only inside sales, but all new business divisions are common issues, but when launching a business that does not have in-house know-how, it is necessary to try in various short spans until the correct answer is found. 
In order to test the hypotheses, it is also necessary to handle “quantity,” but having to go through the cycle of setting up a temporary unit and handling the quantity alone is a task that requires extremely tough mental power.

In addition, there is a good side that there is no information in the company, and when you request information from outside, you can sympathize with each other and exchange information. However, because inside sales are still in its early days, there is also the problem that there is little information that is "successful" in the first place and you have to spend a lot of private time.

As you can see, it is natural for you to feel hard with the mind that you can not see the correct answer and that you can not really know what you are doing right. The ideal is to have a positive sense of "I will find the correct answer!" But in order to do so, it is essential to support the boss and the surroundings.

(4) The ratio of people in field sales and inside sales is biased

If the ratio of inside sales to field sales is too biased, it may not be possible to successfully implement the measures. 
A company with a successful inside sales team seems to have teamed field sales and inside sales 1: 1. By doing so, the PDCA can be exchanged daily between the teams, and by exchanging information with other teams, it seems that the success know-how can be quickly accumulated.

At the start of the department, I often hear that only one or two inside sales people say, but there are cases where it is difficult because there is only one person.

(5) Itami of sales and marketing department

Inside Sales is a department that bridges the sales department and the marketing department to maximize results. 
Therefore, in the launch period, segment items for selecting leads must be linked with marketing measures, and sales must be combined with good quality apo conditions and customer tracking methods.

However, there are times when you think that any department can not afford to maximize the results of its own department. Because inside sales are intermediate organizations, it takes a lot of time to put together and often suffer from both claims.

(6) Tools for efficiency improvement are not introduced

In general, inside sales require tools such as MA, SFA, and online opportunities. 
As mentioned earlier, the launch side of the inside sales department is often organized with a small number of people, but we often hear that the tools for efficiency can not be easily introduced due to the small number of organizations. If the tool is not introduced, there is only "do your best" with manpower no matter how long, and the time until the effect comes out naturally becomes long.

4. How to solve?

In summary, it can be understood that the cause of “inside sales hard” is a difficult problem. 
However, as we all know, if you have been involved in a new business, the most effective way to solve these problems is to "get results."

And, in order to ensure that the inside sales representative can cite the results, it is essential to understand the superiors and the organization. 

To that end, it is important for the top of the organization and the management personnel to understand the necessity and importance of inside sales well and to keep them informed to the whole organization many times carefully.

In content marketing, we will introduce the mechanism for finding potential customers. 
What information is useful to the user? What content do you need? How is the content management system? We deliver information that answers common questions of content marketing!

Pros and cons of creating videos with crowdsourcing

While the needs for using videos such as advertisements, sales tools, and in-house training have increased, the number of clients making video productions is also diversifying. 
As in the past, it is not the only way to request an advertising agency, but recently more and more people are using crowdsourcing to request production companies and freelancer video creators to produce videos. 

This time, let's introduce the features of each video production client and the advantages and disadvantages you want to know when using crowdsourcing.

1. Know where to request video production

I think that there is not much to deal directly with video production companies for general companies. That's where they come in: “requests” that introduce you to a production company, or control in between. 

The clients can be roughly divided into three categories: advertising agencies, web production companies, and crowdsourcing.

Advertising agency

Professionals in video production, mainly advertising. The famous video creators and the appointment of talents and celebrities are also led by advertising agencies, and they support high quality video production. 

In addition, I am also good at media mixes linked to multiple media such as newspapers, magazines, and the Web as well as videos. Therefore, production costs tend to be high.

Web production company

If the main thing is video production to be uploaded to websites and SNS, it is best to consult a web production company. Depending on the purpose of the animation, such as in-house training and sales tools as well as advertising, we can respond flexibly. 

However, since the main business is web production, quality may not be secured if the company has little experience in video production and know-how. Also, since most companies outsource, there is one side that costs are high.


It is a service that connects with a client through a website that many video creators register. We respond to a variety of video production according to the client's purpose, quality request and needs. 

In crowdsourcing services, there are services provided by the operating company as a point of contact, and services in which the client mainly interacts with the production company are available.

2. Advantages of Asking Crowdsourcing for Video Production

Of the three types of clients listed above, the use of crowdsourcing has recently increased. The reasons are summarized in the following benefits:

  • (1) The production cost can be reduced

    There are many creators not only corporations but also individual image creators, and they can produce videos at a reasonable cost compared to asking companies such as advertising agencies and web production companies.

  • (2) We can cope with various video production

    As video creators with various achievements and backgrounds are registered, creators who are good at the client's purpose (advertisement, company guidance, human resource development, etc.) will handle the production.

  • (3) Short delivery time also possible

    With regard to delivery time, you can select a video creator according to the client's convenience, so it will respond more quickly and flexibly than advertising agencies and web production companies.

3. Disadvantages of requesting crowdsourcing for video production

While there are benefits, you should be aware of the following when using crowdsourcing:

  • (1) There is a difference in quality

    In addition to differences in the skills of creators, in crowdsourcing where orders are made on a one-by-one basis, the same producers may not handle the next work again, which may lead to differences in overall video quality.

  • (2) It is difficult for detailed requests to be transmitted

    Communication with video creators is mainly by phone and email, and there are few direct meetings and talks. Because of this, it is difficult to convey detailed nuances and requests, and the video may not complete according to the image.

  • (3) Intermediate margin occurs

    Crowdsourcing services, in which the operating company provides window support, incur a fee under the name of the introduction fee or support fee for creators. It will be higher by the middle margin than direct trading.

4. Summary

You may be considering crowdsourcing to reduce video production costs. 
However, what is important is the purpose of "what is the purpose of making video?" Emphasis on cost not much at the expense of quality, as a result, if you can not achieve your goal, you will end up falling at the end of the day. 

In order not to do so, it is also important to look at the production results of video creators and production companies and research the place that is perfect for the quality that the company wants. 

Therefore I would like to recommend the matching platform "MoviePrint" of a movie production company. You can see the results of the video production company in a list, and you can choose the production company that matches your desired quality. You can trade directly with the production company, so it is easy to communicate detailed requests, and the commission to the management company is free, so you can make it more reasonable. 

In this way, with MoviePrint, which overcomes the disadvantages of other crowdsourcing services, why not find a video production company that works for you?

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Among consumer attitudes towards a purchase, mass advertisements such as television commercials often contribute to early stages of attitude change, brand recognition, etc. There are many cases, and the final goal We have made it difficult to elucidate the causal relationship between sales that is a major factor in sales. Among various influencing factors such as over-the-counter promotion/price, season, competitors' movements, can we measure the effect of the only advertisement?

Remove the non-advertising influencing factors and make appropriate measurements

The most important point in evaluating the impact of advertising on sales is to eliminate factors that affect sales other than advertising. In the conventional advertisement effectiveness measurement, based on data such as "Sales of ○% in the month when advertisement was submitted", "A person who saw the advertisement purchased ○% purchased", evaluation of the influence on sales I often do. In this case, it is a big issue that you can not remove "selling even without advertisement". We have overestimated the effectiveness of advertisements including 'selling even without advertisements'.

Nomura Research Institute scientifically evaluates the effect of advertisement on sales using the search method called single source data. Single source data is a survey of media contacts, purchase intentions and actual conditions of products, etc. for the same survey target, and it is necessary to change attitudes of the same person before and after the presence or absence of contact with the media By looking at it is a way of measuring the true advertising effectiveness of each media.

People who touched the TV commercial increased the proportion of purchasing target products from 21.4% to 24.9%. This increment of "+ 3.5%" is an increment of purchase due to contact of the television commercial, originally evaluated except for the ratio of 21.4% purchased before contacting the television commercial.
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Improve sales, and what will eventually change?
In this e-mail magazine, I have told you 
that " 
We should target sales and cash flows rather than standards and targets for sales, " but we 
do not assume that we should neglect sales.

In order to survive the company, the cash deposit is necessary for the management to be relieved, and in order to 
continue to increase the cash deposit, first, profit is necessary.

It is not a matter of how much sales and how much profit it is, 
it is 
important to have a viewpoint on how to structure sales, in order to leave any profit .

So, under this premise, how should you think about sales?

Sales = unit price × number
Sales will eventually be paid by the customer of the company, which will remain
as a profit and cash deposit. 
Sales are the most important factor for a company, and it is the life activity itself of a company.

In corporations, it is important to set sales targets for 
businesses, sales targets for shops and products, and sales targets for each employee while disassembling sales into purchase unit price and purchase number and adding repeat number (rate) to 
it It is well done.

However, it is 
difficult to judge whether the aimed targets are really appropriate .

Apart from the viewpoint of unit price x number, 
it is necessary to think about the factor of fluctuation in sales with a view that another thing can be changed from own company .

It is a 
clue to improve and improve grasping the response to the established goal by thinking about factors that cause fluctuations in sales at their own company .

What are the five sales variation factors?
1. It is a mono 
item or service to sell . 
It is 
important to think about not only the products and services that are present but also things about future products and services .

Person to sell It is a viewpoint as to whether the seller can stay as it is. 
For 30% and 33% of sales closing rates, for sales representatives, only 3% difference, 
10% difference as new sales acquisition is a big difference for management. 
I will understand this and 
think about "Will you concentrate on a good customer," "Human ability to raise it up", "Which is totally different person in charge?"

3. Where to 
sell It is a place to sell . 
Consider not only the location of the store and the exhibition hall but also what type is better , such as store type, event type or visiting type, or the Internet.

4. When to sell 
When to sell, is how to take the timing.

5. How to sell It is about 
marketing and customer service method. 
We are asked to 
establish and 
improve the flow that will not stop customers from knowing more about their products and services and also the flow until they are linked to sales .

Basically, this is only 5 items. 
Depending on the company, 'selling price' enters, but in small and medium-sized enterprises, the 
right to decide the price is very limited, so change the 
five items rather than think as "change the price to sell" , the value of the whole goes up As a result, 
it is more practical to improve the unit price . 
You do not have to think about the price to sell from the beginning.

Please consider whether there is something you can change for each item about your company .

Improvement plan will come up with a little head arrangement.

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Let's further deepen our understanding of the meaning or necessity of marketing through examples.



Mr. A working as a salesperson at a major insurance company had a headache in sharply reducing the number of sales in recent years.


Even though we could easily get large contracts by simply opening up business to a factory or a factory, in modern times, no matter how many companies or factories we were going through it was quite successful not.


Moreover, the pressure from the company is getting stronger.


If the results worsen like this, it will hurt your life.


So Mr. A decided to listen to Mr. B, a former colleague who switched to an Internet life insurance company F.


F company is a fast-growing company, despite being a start-up company, in the last few years it has not quite closed to other life insurance companies.


Perhaps I thought that the mainstream of future insurance would be the net, and decided to explore the reasons for good performance.


Mr. A who is listening to the secret of popularity of F company in a straightforward way with a public talk.


So it was the word "marketing" that jumped out of Mr. B's mouth.


Mr. B: Actually, in fact, the fact that the insurance industry is suffering in recent years is a fact. Everywhere the performance is sluggish is the same. In our case, I think that being able to contract on the net is only an element to the last. Besides that, I think that it is important that the idea such as "what customers are seeking" and "what kind of products can be provided for the demand" is fundamental. In other words, it is marketing. I want to sell "I want to sell", it is not time to buy.



Indeed, the characteristic of F company is that it is possible to contract for life insurance on the Internet, but in fact, because the precise marketing was carried out, performance was upward.


Mr. A did not notice the point and he thought that it was easy to say, "Can you sell it if you sell on the Internet?"


However, it was admonished by Mr. B.


From now on, as a strategy that Mr. A can take, it is likely to select the target customer and provide the optimal product according to the wants (desire) while exploring the needs (necessary).


Alternatively, if marketing is difficult on an individual basis, you can appeal the necessity to the company.


One proposal is that the Internet can be utilized for young people.


【Difference between "Needs" and "Wants"】 It

is about the difference between the need (needs) and the desire (wants) , which is important in understanding marketing .


Although each nuance is similar word, when thinking about approach to a customer, it is impossible to build a correct strategy without being able to say the difference between them.


Here again, let's grasp the difference between the two.


<Needs (needs)>

Humans are constantly looking for something.


It depends on time and occasion, but if you are thirsty you will want water, and if you get hungry you will ask for food.


In addition to such physiological necessity, we may ask for brand products because they are "owned by everyone" and sometimes ask for "to live more conveniently" cars I guess.


As you can see, the need for feelings rooted in the necessity of human beings is their needs.


The characteristic of needs is that the objects are not necessarily individual specific things.


Just because you are thirsty does not necessarily mean that water is necessarily.


Some people want juice and coffee.


In business, it is important not to pay attention only to the customer's superficial needs, but to dig further.


What is marketing?


<Wants (Wants)>

On the other hand, wants is the desire that arises when the needs are materialized as real products.


Water and coffee for the thirsty needs and bread and rice for the needs of being hungry.


By firmly grasping customer needs, we will be able to provide more optimum wants.


However, what is subject to Wants is not necessarily an existing product.


There are many things that products that make use of new technologies that we have not seen yet stimulate customers' wants.


That is why companies are announcing new products one by one, and the pursuit of Wants is a factor that exerts a great influence on the competitiveness of companies.


What is marketing?



· Age when modern can not be sold simply by making products and services 

· "customer thinking" is important rather than "seller thinking" 

· marketing starts from "customers" 

· customers "needs (needs)" The one that embodied it and "Desire (Wants)"


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■ Why can I continue a long hit with theatrical company Shiki Lion King for 15 years

Have you ever seen the Lion King of Shiki Theatrical Company? He has been performing for over 15 years in Japan, and the mobilization of the audience in Japan is a mega hit musical with over 10 million people.

I fortunately appeared in the lion king for more than 8 years and I had him appear in that "Ich Ike!"

Why do you think you can continue to skip long hits so much? There are really many reasons, but one of them has a "one way of thinking" that professional performers have, which is very helpful .

Even for work, it is very useful, so please try it.

■ Why does the role of cheater tears just by walking

Theater company Shiki Lion King's curtains opened a little, a woman who wore a cheetah doll walks from the right to the left of the stage. Some audiences shed tears just by looking at the cheetah. Why do you think?

When I say the answer, the actress who acts as that cheater

"Why are you in this place for me as a cheetah?"

Because I realize these reasons, it exists on that stage.

If you did not realize why it is on the stage, it will be a simple games meeting where people wearing cheetah's stuffed animal are out. In order to realize, before you take the first step to the stage, you must put the reason in your body. This way of thinking is called the "zero curtain" in stage terms .

■ The stage term that shines a working person "Zero Curtain" What?

There is always a zero curtain before the 1st and 2nd curtains, and the performers firmly make it there and take the first step on the stage.

It is a big mistake if you think that the role of the edge who does not take a spotlight is irrelevant. No matter how the end of the attention of the audience is not the role, everyone has made the zero curtain, realized and exists on the stage. Everyone is alive at that moment.

The professional consciousness of the whole causes dynamics, it becomes many times the energy, it is transmitted to the audience, and it creates impression.

So, it is born with word-of-mouth or repeat , long-run continues.

Actually, this posture of zero curtain may be common to all working people. Because I think that we are all at the stage of workplace .

It is easy to understand people who are involved in store-type customer service. Why am I in this place for why? Listen to them and try to find your own answer.

· I want to go to my favorite overseas trip · I want to 
succeed and get filial piety 
· I want to see the customer's smile

There should be various kinds by people.

Before standing on stage as a workplace, I am thrilled just by thinking about this zero curtain by myself. And it is transmitted to the people around the workplace, the customer feels, "I'm a nice atmosphere shop, I want to come again" I think!

We also do entertainment training dramatically enhancing customer service by looking directly at theatrical company Shiki Lion King.

■ What is "staying is not staying"?

Here, we will introduce another stage, the term "living / not staying".

The person said "I am living" said earlier, the person who is realistic and able to exist on the spot "It is not staying"is a person 
who can not exist on the spot ___.

To tell the truth, it will be hard for anyone who is not staying on the stage of Lion King to be alone.

It was when I was playing the role of a cactus. It was a very difficult thing to exist on the spot as a cactus role.

"Mr. Sato, I can not stay"

I was carefully received during the lesson.

What do you think happens if there is a person who "is not staying" alone? What? What?

Actually, when there is a person who is not "alone", the spectator 's eyes unconsciously concentrate on the person who is not staying, sucking up the energy of the "living" people on the stage and ruining the stage It is done.

Why, so much for what reasons exist on the spot so much? It is important to put in the zero curtain called.

■ What happens when you are not staying?

If you have a good feeling, I think you already understand, but there are parts that are common to any workplace .

People who are "not staying" are just people who are always waiting for instructions as they are standing. It would be hard to imagine that the store clerk would like to go again if everyone had such attitude. If there is even one person who is not staying " not only in the store system but also in the company 's conference etc, it will suck everyone' s good energy.

On the contrary, the person who is "staying" is always active thinking about what you can do. Before the customer says "Please excuse me, please give me water", always read a step ahead and add water. The space where everyone is shining is "creating a good energy", creating a good energy and want to go purely again. It will be directly linked to sales, too.

■ What if I change my mind a bit? Summary

Like the lion king castle, why are you here for why before you go up to the stage of work? Just by checking the reasons, I think that we can face various kinds of work happily.

It should be obviously different from when it is full of feeling being injured by inertia. Is it not the best if that little idea has a good influence on the surroundings and it also connects to customers?

I think that such a sincere attitude will lead to a good future.

I appreciate having met this article and reading it to the end. 
I am very happy if you can make use of it on your stage, such as workplace, part time job, school etc.

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