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۱ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «بازاریابی» ثبت شده است

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Let's concretely look at the formulation of the marketing strategy that Company A conducted against the "six processes" mentioned at the beginning.



<Analysis of Information>

(1. Marketing Environment Analysis 2. Identification of Marketing Tasks) When 

we analyze the environment of Company A, internally there is the advantage of "community-based type", on the other hand, It is inferior to the scale and the number of stores ".


As a result, we have concluded that there is no way to survive if competing bargain sale with major companies in the current situation, and should be differentiated on their own lines.


Marketing challenges are "improving profitability".



<Drafting strategy>

(3. Selection of target market 4. Positioning 5. Optimization of marketing · mix) 

Company A's attention as a segmentation is the elderly who targeted the area around the store.


In the case of the form of selling at a store, it is necessary to come to the shop by all means, but by putting emphasis on direct visit and delivery service, repair and maintenance, we decided to establish the image of the electric shop that is reliable at the time of emergency .


Also, as sales volumes at stores are expected to decline, we have also decided to focus on mail order through the Internet.


As a result, it became possible to put only a minimum number of personnel in the store, and it became unnecessary to carry stock carelessly.


It became possible to correspond to the elderly in the area by the catalog, and to the far side by the net.




(6. Formulation of execution plan) In 

executing the marketing strategy, we decided to make effective use of existing resources without cost as much as possible.


For example, we minimize the number of personnel in the store and put our efforts into visiting sales.


Instead of reducing inventory management costs, it will be turned to Internet-related expenses such as web sites and sales systems, and so on.


In addition, we are changing not only the number of sales as we have hitherto but also the checking system, such as setting the final profit margin as the target.



【Analysis Planning and Execution Process】 In

developing a marketing strategy, it was necessary to go through processes of analysis, planning, and execution.


Then, in the end, we will explain each process in detail.


Although the final conclusion differs depending on industry type, scale, environment, market, there is no big difference in the process to be done at the time of strategy formulation.


Let's understand firmly so that it can actually be applied.


<1. Marketing Environment Analysis> In environmental analysis of

marketing, it is important to organize the opportunities and threats in the market, to grasp their strengths and weaknesses, and to lead to a comprehensive strategy.


As a framework you can take advantage of SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) .


Furthermore, we will calculate the problem from the analysis result.


Marketing strategy formulation process



<2. Identification of marketing tasks> After

marketing environment analysis, let's clarify the "problem identification" on what kind of problem you want to solve by marketing before conducting detailed analysis.


I think whether it can be judged comparatively easily if you confirm the company's strengths and weaknesses revealed by environmental analysis, or opportunities and threats in the market.


In doing so, if it turns out that there are multiple issues to be addressed, let's not forget to give priority.


Otherwise, when judging what to prioritize, the recognition of individuals will be blurred, making it difficult to obtain the desired result.


It is important to share ideal goals across the company in order to ultimately execute and achieve results.


Marketing is not done by some people alone, is it?

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