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۱ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «PR» ثبت شده است

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The seventh bulletin of the work guide that approaches the work content of various occupations in the world. It picks up this time about the work content of publicity. I have heard about the job title "public relations" itself, but many people do not know what they are actually doing. This time, I introduce everything in the front and backstory. First of all, in the first part, the definition of publicity, concrete work content. In the second part, we will introduce the method of a career change, what kind of person is suitable etc.

What is the PR mission? What is different from advertisement and IR?

What is public relations and what do you do? Public information is also expressed as "PR". It is used as "PR for new products", "I want to PR company", etc. Do you know the correct meaning of PR?

PR stands for "Public Relations". It means "Public = common people" and "Relations = relationship" work. In other words, it plays a role of connecting society and our company. Companies are doing a variety of activities, but in order to carry out business activities more smoothly, it is necessary to have society recognize the activities of their company correctly, to raise cognition and impression, that is, brand power. "Speaking of ● ● is a company A" "Ideally it is the first recall with a good image that company A is a good company.

Also, many people are confused with "advertisement". The final mission (raising the brand value of the company) is the same, so I can make it easy to misunderstand. In the case of advertisement promotion, we will purchase the content of each media (TV, newspaper, radio, Web etc) at an expense and send out their information. Therefore, if you pay justice for any information, information will definitely go out to society. On the other hand, we will encourage public relations to be picked up by disseminating information on our company to the media. The media side feels the value of the information provided and starts distributing it to society after thinking "I want to pick it up". Therefore, no matter how much information you send, it depends on each media whether it can be picked up, and how it will be reported if picked up.

Another job type that is easy to confuse is "IR". IR stands for "Investor Relations". In other words, it means work "Investor = investor" and "Relations = relationship" work. For this reason, companies listed on the stock market are responsible for disseminating their management information to investors. The mission in this case is the same as public relations and advertisement publicity. It is to raise the brand value of our company on the stock market.

What kind of work is PR?

So, what exactly does the spokesperson do on a daily basis?

Even if you say "publicity" as a matter of time, the width of the work varies widely from company to company. There are cases where more than 10 people are enrolled in the public relations department at major companies, but it is not uncommon for SMEs not to have a full-time representative for PR. Besides that, listed companies are also concurrently engaged in IR work. Depending on the company, the degree of focus on publicity differs, so please check as an example only.

The work content can be divided into two main parts. Specifically, it is "outside publicity" and "in-house PR".

◎ About "outside public relations"

There are four main points as publicity activities toward outside the company.

> Offensive Public Relations Activity 1 | Create Press Release

We will investigate what kind of company's information can be sent to society, and create a "press release". By issuing press releases, we can communicate our efforts to society. Press releases include "corporate management", "products / services", "research reports", "crisis response", and so on.

> Offensive Public Relations Activity Part 2 | Relationship Building with Media

If you do not have a destination to deliver the press release you created, you will not see the eyes of the day. For this reason, we regularly check each media and gather information. We will select the media for which we want to present our company information and create a network with media representatives. The press release mentioned earlier is usually handed over to the media by e-mail, fax, and possibly bringing in. Regular contact with media personnel who have contacts. By doing so, you can learn what kind of information is needed on that media and get the appropriate communication.

> Public Relations Activities for Protection Part 1 |

Especially noteworthy care and attention venture and super-major national company, it is the core business. Even if you do not transmit information from here, there are frequent inquiries from the media side that "I want to pick it up". Of course, there may be a request to see the press release sent by the company and to interview. Speed is life for correspondence correspondence correspondence. We need prompt response to various inquiries.

> Public Relations Activities for Protection Part 2 | Crisis Management Response

It is also an important mission to respond to emergency situations that will damage the brands such as information leaks and scandals. Also called 'crisis management public relations', the magnitude of influence on brand value is decided by one response of emergency.

◎ About in-house PR

In fact, it is important to point out not only to the outside but also to the company when sending information about our company. The purpose is various, but representative examples are as follows.

· Increase employee's publicity awareness

· Acquire information that can be sent from your company

· Share common situations in society

· Create a sense of unity as a company

SNS is now well established, and the influence of information transmitted by individuals is rising. Therefore, we will raise awareness by sending information as a single employee. It is important to prevent brand decline due to inadvertent flames by enlightening each employee's awareness of compliance. Moreover, by sharing what attention is being done on the media side, we will make sure that there is no discrepancy between our activities and society. Representative tools for internal public relations include distribution of company newsletter and implementation of in-house events.

The first part is here. What do you think. Even with publicity, the scope of the work varies from company to company. If you are planning to change jobs to publicity, let's check how far you are required for each business.

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