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۱ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «resume» ثبت شده است

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"Is there a rule in how to write a resume?"

If you are just beginning your career change, you may be asking such a question about 'resume'. The answer is not necessarily to keep it, but there are rules. If you are a personnel officer of a company who has looked at a lot of resume, it is obvious whether the rules are observed or not by looking at the documents. It does not mean that the pass / fail is determined only by that, but it is no doubt that those who observe the rules are good impression.

For that reason, let's revise how to write your resume and rule and create an attractive resume. We also have a resume format at the end of the sentence, so please use it when creating.

1. Let's understand the purpose of resume

Role of resume

The role of the resume is to say "tell you as a business person". Resume and curriculum vitae which are necessary documents for career change. Some respondents created by job hunting (job hunting) or part time job interview. Therefore, some people create it without thinking hard "... just fill the contents along the item ..."?

But why do businesses ask for resumes? As well as those who are "the first time to write a resume ..." as well as those who "can not pass document screening ...", let's first understand the role of resume.

What if the company side you adopt? You can not interview with all applicants. So my resume is coming. A resume is a tool to tell "a business person who you do not know" to "what business person you are".

WEB resume at job change site and paper resume created by handwriting are also necessary documents to get them to know correctly. The role of resume is to "tell you as a business person".


Items of resume

In the resume, items to tell "you as a business person" are prepared. Especially in handwritten resume, your person will be transmitted from photos and typefaces. Let's try to make it carefully.

Items of resume

Type of resume paper · How to choose

When creating a resume, it is unusual how to choose paper. There are many kinds more than imagined and many people get lost even if you go to buy. I will introduce about the kind of paper and how to choose it.

There are various kinds, but basically any style can be used without problems. What I want to be aware of is that each has its own characteristics. For example, although there are many volumes in the academic career / work history column if it is based on the JIS standard, the self-PR column is small. I do not have enough practical experience to write less, so the margin has increased so I can not say that I can appeal myself to my resume. It is important to choose the best one by comparing each characteristic with your career.

Characteristics and choice of resume form

JIS standard

There are many academic backgrounds / work history columns, and there are few items in the self-PR column. Especially it is used for those who have long experience of social workers (people whose work experience is a material of appeal).

For general use

There are many items in the self-PR column. Especially it is used for those who are not experienced in social workers (those with few things that can appeal in employment history).

For job change

The job history record form is also a set, or it can type the reason for retirement. Especially, it is used for those who have many job changes and can not write in JIS standard resume.

Part-time job

There are items that can describe desired day of the week and time etc. It is used by students and housewives who are searching for parts and part-time jobs.


2. Points of making resume

Premise of creating resume

There is a rule as a premise for creating a resume. Let's review this rule before preparing the resume form and taking the brush. It is the basic rule in the basic.

Here is the point!

Use black pen or ballpoint pen ※ Pencil and pencil are NG

If you make a mistake, do not use correct pen / tape, rewrite it to new form.

I try to read easily and polite letters.

Fill in all the items.

Do not use the resume.

Before submitting, please check misspellings / omission.


Descriptive rules for each item

Actually did you know that rules exist in how to write your resume? If you write it without knowing it, you may give the recruiter the impression that "basic knowledge is not enough ...". Let me keep rules that you should know properly.

Item of resume_top

[1] Date

I will leave a little between the last name and the name.

In case of "Furigana", write in hiragana, in case of "phonetic" in katakana.

[2] Full name

I will leave a little between the last name and the name.

In case of "Furigana", write in hiragana, in case of "phonetic" in katakana.

[3] Age

Write the age at the time of sending.

[4] Address

Fill out from the prefecture without omitting it.

Also write the apartment name and room number.

Furigana is given only to kanji.

In the case of a form that fills out a contact address separately from the current address, if it is not different from the current address, it is OK in the blank.

When entering a mail address, pay attention to easy-to-miss character (0 of numeral and O of alphabet).

[5] Telephone number

Write either the number of your home or mobile phone.

Item of Resume _ Lower part

[6] Educational background

It is unified with the Christian or Western era notation of [1].

In the first row of the academic record, write "educational background".

Fill out from junior high school graduation.

Please fill in the school name without omitting it. ※ ○ ○ High School ⇒ ▲ Prefectural ○ ○ High School ☆☆ Department

The university / vocational school will fill in the department, department, major. ○ ○ ○ University ⇒ Private ○ ○ University ▲ ▲ Undergraduate ◇ ◇ Department ☆☆ Major

It is unnecessary to enter the entrance examination period.

[7] Work experience

It is unified with the Christian or Western era notation of [1]. · In the first line of the employment history, write "work experience".

Write down the company name without omitting it. ※ Not a corporation but a corporation. · Fill in at the timing of entry, change, retirement.

Fill in the type of occupation, department, simple business. · In the case of employment other than full-time employees, fill in that fact.

It is common to write "Retirement due to personal reasons" for retirement reasons.


How to write an academic career column

There is a rule as a premise for creating a resume. It is wasteful to just prepare resume form paper and write basic information such as name and address. Depending on the ingenuity, it can be used as an appealing material to applicants. First, let's check the points about the academic career column.

In mid-career hiring and new graduate recruitment, educational backgrounds are written differently.

In the case of recruiting new graduates, it may have been described from the graduation of the junior high school, but in the case of mid-career recruitment there is no need to describe it finely. Let me write from high school entrance to college graduation. When the theme of the graduation thesis at the time of university is related to the type of business and job type of the applicant company, it is recommended to list it.

If you have experience of study abroad, which column of the resume you write.

I think that the experience of studying abroad is where I am going to be headed to where I should write in the educational record. For over 1 year 's study abroad, let' s describe 'period, period, country, school name' in the academic record column. Short-term study abroad less than one year is stated in the free description column, and it is important to state "how many words can speak how long" if language ability leads to appeal.

Ronpo, leave of absence, retirement age, how to write down when you are withdrawing.

If there is a blank in educational background, such as a ronin, absence from absence, retirement, dropout, attention should be paid to the way of writing (Since it will not be a minus in the 1-2 year period, there is no need to touch it particularly). In the case of a long-term leave of absence or withdrawal, it will be easier to indicate the reason in the resume, but the interaction will be smooth.

Points to keep in mind when writing your academic qualifications in your resume.

Finally, I will show you the points to note when writing your educational background. Let's write "educational background" in the middle of the first row of [academic record / work history column] and write concrete educational record of the year from the second line. Even if the name of the school of enrollment / graduation is the same, please do not abbreviate as "same as above". Even if you go to a preparatory school, you will not enter the academic qualifications so the description is unnecessary.


Writing work experience column

There is a rule as a premise for creating a resume. Prepare a resume form paper, there is a big space, work experience column where the most important for paper screening etc. In addition to writing the name of the company enrolled and the entry and exit date, in fact, there are detailed rules. If you are a personnel officer who has looked at a lot of resume, it is obvious whether the rules are observed or not by looking at the documents. Let's know the rules and complete an attractive job history column.

Each item of resume

Be sure to leave one line from the top "Education history" item, write "employment history" in the center and write work experience.

Fill in the entry / departure date of all companies enrolled. 

* Even if you work only for a short period of time, all employment history is stated accurately.

If you do not know the business details by company name alone, it is briefly described in parentheses.

Assignee and job description to be concretely written. ※ When there is promotion or change, promotion contents · Promotion year / month. Movement section signature · Please also enter the date of change.

The representation of the corporate name is not omitted. ※ I will not abbreviate as (Yu) Co., Ltd., and write "KK" "limited company".

When the enrollee company has changed its company name, supplemented with ○○ Corporation (formerly · ΔΔ Corporation). 

※ For mergers / acquisitions etc., even if the number of enrolled companies increases, do not change jobs, enter the reason, including.

If the reason for retirement is self-convenience, 

write " retirement due to personal reasons", if it is company circumstances such as restructuring, in the case of company circumstances, "retire due to company circumstances", "retirement desire due to poor company performance".

Fill in the last line "To the present".

After finishing writing work experience information, after confirming, write "over" at the lower right corner and tighten it.


Effective usage of hobby field

It is an item of hobbies that tends to start writing without thinking anything when creating a resume. I do not think there are many people who think that "I do not care about work, do you?" And write it appropriately. Certainly, it may be rare that hobbies have a big influence on screening. But the talk of hobby triggered the interaction with the interviewer to be full of excitement. If the atmosphere is good, can you give a good impression to the interviewer and proceed favorably? I will show you how to write effective hobbies.

Let's talk about hobbies concretely

Even if it is mentioned as "sports", I do not know whether it is the side to play or the side to watch. Let's state it to a level that can be understood by recruiters who do not know about you.

If it is a sport, I would like to describe my favorite genres, writers, works, etc., if it is about the sports event, the side to play or the frequency, etc., if it is a museum tour. If your hobbies are watching soccer, you may want to touch on the teams that support you.

If you are a fan of a city team that is different from your own place of origin, you should be easy to develop into a conversation like "Why did you like this team?" By describing it concretely, it may be a trigger for communication.

Hobby that can be used for work appeals to appeal

If you are interested in a food-related company or a company that develops food and beverage industry, you can say that hobbies such as "eating by walking" and "cooking" become appealing materials. If you are interested in a publishing company, you may want to read "reading", or if you are a mass media company, "watching a movie" may be easy. I would like to actively describe my hobbies that may be useful for my company's job.

Here is the point!

One thing to watch out for is that you do not write things that seems not good for uke. When talking about my hobbies to your friends, I do not want to refrain from maniac things that are hard to gain understanding. It would be nice if we could explain ourselves briefly and make sure that the interviewer is "an interesting hobby", but if you give the impression of "oddball" it may lead to a negative image.


Writing rules and qualifications

There are various items in the resume. Among a number of items, such as name, face photo, date of birth, address, contact information, academic qualifications, employment history ... and others, the item of license / qualification is unlikely to be neglected. If I had the idea that "You can write all the licenses and qualifications you are acquiring for the time being," it is Kiken. Why is that? I will introduce the reason, concrete writing method.

How to write a license / qualification column, basic rules.

As a rule I would like you to know that licenses and qualifications are listed in order of acquisition. However, it is not good to describe a license or qualification that is not related to work. Despite mentioning all the licenses and qualifications retained, it will not function as an appeal material if it does not concern the business. On the contrary, there is also the possibility that recruiters will be given a negative image of "Are you not understanding the company or occupation?" "Is it just a qualified mania?" Let's list only the qualifications that are relevant to the entry company / occupation.

[Frequently Asked Question 1] 

Do not write a license or qualification with a high acquisition difficulty if it is not related to business?

If it is not too maniac qualifications and the reasons you acquired are clear, it is OK to mention it. It is because we can give recruitment staff the impression of "people who can strive towards high goals" and "people who are motivated to raise themselves."

[Frequently Asked Question 2] Although 

it is related to work, should you not write the qualifications you are studying for acquisition?

Let me properly describe that "studying for acquisition ○ ○". If the examination date is near and you are almost sure of acquisition, you can write "Scheduled to acquire in the month".

[Frequently Asked Question 3] Since 

licensing / qualification column is lonely, should you also write it with a lower level of qualification?

It's better not to list qualifications that are not very low in level (you can get it if you study for a while). It can be a way of being received "low ambition" or "neglecting self-study".

It is better to describe it better · not to do better level

Eiken Describe if you are more than semi-level 2

TOEIC Describe if it is over 600 points ※ be a score acquired within 2 ~ 3 years

bookkeeping Describe if class 3 or higher ※ In case of accounting jobs 2nd grade or higher


How to write a self PR column

There are various items in the resume. Name, face photo, date of birth, address, contact information, resume and curriculum vitae entries and self-PR that is frequently heard in interviews. It is an opportunity to express your strengths freely. However, it is true that there are many people who do not know what to write "because of the high degree of freedom. I will introduce example sentences you would like us to consider self-PR.

Purpose and function of self-PR

As a rule I would like you to know that licenses and qualifications are listed in order of acquisition. What you want to know through personal PR in personnel officials is how the applicants' experience and ability can make use of the job contents of recruitment jobs. As a method, it is best to prepare for each entry company / recruitment job type. Let's concretely think that it was not able to write in the job history record etc.

By case, self PR sample sentences

● When applying for an inexperienced job category

The reason I got interested in the work of accounting was that we needed knowledge on business negotiations with managers and started studying by self study. As understanding got deeper, it became clear that the importance of accounting and the great benefits to the company are given.

Currently I am serving as a profit contribution to the company as sales, but I feel that there is a limit in terms of influence alone. If it is accounting, I decided to change my job, thinking that I can make a bigger profit contribution.

[Skills learned so far] 

I passed Nissho Bookkeeping Grade 2 in July last year. In order to acquire first grade, I am still working on my continuing study. Because it is used in daily work, Excel · Word · PowerPoint can be handled side by side.

Here is the point

The personnel official in charge wants to know "Why do you want to challenge the job (recruitment occupation)"?

What kind of effort you are making is an effective appealing point.


● When applying to the same industry / same job category

We have consistently worked on sales of automobile parts. Due to the long period of charge of the leading car maker N company, he has detailed experience on the development process and quality standards of Company N and has extensive experience in price negotiation.

Because of personal circumstances, I got back to Gunma prefecture where my parents are located, so I started changing jobs. We are also considering sales in other industries, but salespeople in the automobile industry are highly likely to be an immediate foothold by utilizing knowledge experience.

Here is the point

Maximize appeal to what can become an immediate fighting force.


When challenging from temporary employee to regular employee

The chance to be interested in accounting jobs is that we need knowledge in business negotiations with managers, now we are a housing maker and working as administrative affairs. I am good at analyzing using Excel, and I am often asked for analysis work using Pivot table even at my current job. We regularly analyze and analyze responsible work from day to day, actively disseminating possible improvements.

However, due to temporary work, the business domain is limited and it may be frustrating. From now on, I hope to challenge my work at positions that can work on greater business improvement by making good use of analytical skills.

Here is the point

I will not mention the form of employment (full-time staff, temporary staff etc).

Practical skills appeal.


List of enrollment graduation years

In the resume, entering year, graduation year, employment year, and leave year are described in the items of academic background and work history. I will introduce a quick-looking chart that will help you at that time, you can see at a glance the year of graduation and annual entrance / birth you were born. Please refer to it.

List of enrollment graduation years


3. Recruitment staff are watching here

Listen to recruiters, resume you want to meet

There are various items in the resume. I have talked about points of writing about each item of name, face photo, birth date, address, contact address, resume. Next, I interviewed what kind of resumes I would like to see if I am actually acting as a personnel manager in a company, I will introduce the contents.

Recruitment staff are looking at the degree of desire in the resume.

- How long do you see your resume on a single day?

Depending on the time, I look at 20 to 30 resume per day. In my case, I will be asked to be an assistant before I see it, but depending on the company I think that there are also personnel affairs looking at 50-100 resume.

- Quite a lot .... What kind of axis do you select documents for?

First of all, is it possible to feel like "I want to change career"? Because I am looking at a lot of resume, I can not write anything, I am using it when I applied to a different company clearly, or if contents different from items are written, I wonder if my degree of desire is low I think.

If it is a detailed part, it is also a photograph of the proof. If you are not affixed, or it is a photograph taken clearly for another purpose, you do not feel intention to join the company.

I would like you to use your resume as a presentation material.

- "Do you want to meet if you can write such a resume?"

It is a resume in which information that personnel affairs want to know is gathered up. I understand the company and jobs I am recruiting for, so I am able to verify with my abilities. Even though I do not have the skills I'm looking for, I think I should meet them.

It is to understand "what kind of style worked". Even in the same job category, if the industry changes, how to work also changes. If it is a sales job, it is easy to understand if it is written on whether it is a new business or a root business, or the material is hard or soft.

- Please let me know if you would like my resume to use more in this way.

I think the resume is the first "presentation material" for job seekers. I would like to know the merit of "If I adopt me, I have such a merit". People who wish to meet are able to appeal after understanding what companies are seeking. I hope that you can make effective use.


How to make a good impression on a certification photo

Certification photograph required to be submitted when preparing resume. The impression given by one shooting method also changes greatly. Certificate for resume When introducing a photograph, introduce the points you want to be aware of and the points to make it better. It is Tips which advances the selection favorably.

I do not recommend resume photos

First, introduce from the rules of resume photos. The resume is an official application form (as well as the resume that can be created on the web). Based on that point, we can not recommend using the following pictures too much.

How to use not recommended photos

Cut out pictures taken in everyday life (not certification pictures) and use them.

Cut out photos taken for passports and driver's licenses to the size of the resume and use it.

Use photos taken one year ago.

Use pictures taken without wearing a suit or jacket.

Use pictures taken with sleepy hairstyle and wrinkley suits.

Use photos taken with an expressionless or dark expression.

Use pictures taken with the jig pulling too much or raising too much.

Recommended resume photos

Below is a summary of what you would like us to do to shoot better pictures.

How to use recommended photos

Common to men

Shoot at a studio (photo hall), not a speed photograph.

Before shooting, wipe off the luster of the face with paper.

When taking a picture, raise the mouth corner lightly so that teeth can not be seen.

Wear a recruit suit or a dark jacket to shoot.

When taking a picture, make a monochrome copy and check if it is difficult to see.

Assume when you are peeling off from your resume and fill in your name on the back before pasting the photo.


Man's edition

Cut the hair short, set as so as not to touch the forehead as much as possible, shoot.

Remove the bottom button before shooting so that the shape of your jacket will not collapse.

Wear a white plain shirt on the inner side to shoot.

Wear a residential stripe pattern (oblique stripe) or a small dot pattern tie giving a clean impression.


Female version

Make a shade with a color that gives a healthy and clean impression.

Set the bangs so that they do not touch forehead and shoot.

Wear a white plain shirt, or inner cut, and shoot.

If the hair is long, bundle it behind, or sow it behind and shoot after listening.

Remove conspicuous accessories and shoot.

4. Advantage in your resume

Manner of envelope selection / address writing

There is a manner that you want to hold down when you write your resume safely and mail it. If you misunderstand how to write your address or if the size of the envelope is not right, let's confirm that the company side does not give a negative image of "There is no general common sense".

First is important - envelope selection

Whether you want to be conscious of choosing your resume is whether it is the size you can enclose without folding. The folded resume is troublesome when a personnel officer files it or takes a copy. Even with envelopes that can be folded without breaking, carefully not to break your resume by putting your resume in a clear file is also a good impression point.

Also, let's choose a white plain type rather than an envelope with brown envelopes or company name printed (you can purchase it from a stationery store, a home center or a 100 yen shop).

Rules for writing address names

It is basically written in vertical writing. Based on this, let's pay attention to the following points.

Rules for writing address names


Write from prefecture name.

Do not omit "chome" or "street address".


<Address name>

Do not omit the corporation like the company.

Write the destination (department and person in charge) at the center of the envelope.

Use the optimal honorific name for each recipient. (Company / Department / Bidder / For Mr. Position / like)



In the deficit on the left side of the envelope, write "Application documents in progress".

Mail it from the window of the post office so that the fee will not be insufficient.


<Back side>

Describe your address and name. 

※ Write the address from the prefecture name, do not omit "chome" or "street address".

It is not possible to seal with tape. Seal with a piece and make a sign or a seal. 

(Put a stamp on a place marked / sealed at the place sealed / sealed)

Write the date of mailing at the top left.


"Cover letter" to obtain only those who know it

When posting your resume, I will show you how to increase the likelihood significantly. Especially when you are challenging inexperienced occupation or industry, or when you are feeling a little skill shortage in required positions. Fill in the difference with the level required by the enterprise, the possibility of being able to convey enthusiasm will be greatly enhanced, so let's take advantage of the selection process of documents by all means.

PR tool as a cover page

Whether you want to be conscious of choosing your resume is whether it is the size you can enclose without folding. When folding a resume, posting a person resume or job history, there is a document enclosed with a simple greeting written. It is an essential piece of business that is called "letter of sending" "superscript" "invoice" "cover letter" etc. As a role, it describes "salutation sentence", but it changes to self-PR tool depending on how to write.

Writing cover page

There is no fixed format, but it is common to write in the following order.

① Date of sending 


Address ③ Your address, name 

④ Preamble (greeting / heading of greetings) 

⑤ Text 

⑥ Last sentence (Conclusion)

Heisei ◯ year ◯ month ◯ day

Mr. Suzuki, Hiring Department Hiring Department, Inc. ◯◯◯◯

Mr. Taitaro 

6-5-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 


Dear Sirself We would like to thank you for your continued success.

I am pleased to tell you that I am applying for the recruitment ▲ ▲ of my recruitment from the recruitment site "Employment change". 

We will send you a resume / job history record.


I have worked as a sales office for general office supplies and electronic stationery for 4 years so far and have worked to improve sales by improving product layout and creating panels. 

In the future, I would like to contribute to the project as a clerical office supporting the work of field workers, I applied for a job of your company this time. 

We believe that bargaining power and coordination power through exchanges with customers and teams as sales staff can be utilized in clerical work involving various departments.


We appreciate your inquiries and the selection process.

Best regards


Attention point on creating a cover page

Collect them in one A4 or B5 sheet. If there is a resume specified by the company, adjust the size.

You can write PC or handwriting.

Because it is the style of a letter, it is basic to write with "I am fine".

Do not write bad things about your company or retired company.

When writing a story of hardship, I put it down in the conclusion of what I got through it.

The sentence is short, briefly (to avoid complicated explanation, avoid internal terms etc).

Points for promoting document screening favorably

Recruitment staff are looking at resume / job history from about dozens of daily to over a hundred. It is important to appeal the difference with other applicants in order to have you think that "I want to meet this person" from among various documents. What matters is that it will not be in accordance with the manual · It is not subjective and selfish contents. Let's look back on our own advantages and careers and create documents that will convey enthusiasm to recruiters.


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