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۱ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «retirement notice» ثبت شده است

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A thorough explanation on how to write retirement notice and retirement application (with template and envelope writing method)

What kind of keywords did you find that you are looking at this page now? Retirement request? Notification of retirement? Or is it how to resign.

Actually, retirement applications, retirement notifications and resignations are used in different cases. I often use in job change, "retirement application". This time, I will explain the difference of such words, and I will explain the flow until I issue a retirement request, how to write a retirement request, how to hand it.

Let's know what procedures should be taken against the company to retire, "" How long should I tell you to retire at retirement? "So that you can retire smoothly.

1. Retirement application, retirement notification, resignation difference

Although "retirement application" and "retirement notification" tend to be confused, the case to use depends on the reason for retirement.

Generally, when you retire at your own convenience, a retirement application.  Since it is a meaning "to ask retirement to the company", it will not retire at the time of submission.  Until the other party accepts it, it is possible to withdraw.

On the other hand, if you retire at company reason, you will not receive a retirement notification.  Since retirement notification is interpreted as a strong intention to the company, retirement is decided at the time of acceptance.  Please note that withdrawal after submission may not be accepted in some cases.

Finally, the resignation table is rarely used by regular employees.  It is the executives who are involved in the management of the company and the civil servants who need to submit their resignation.

★ Point here
★ Retirement application - Basically it is used in retirement by "self-circumstances".  
★ Retirement Notice → Basically it is used for retirement by "company convenience".  
★ Resignation request (resignation) → Used when officers and civil servants retire.

2. How to pass a retirement application

Submission destination of retirement application

To submit a petition for retirement, it is "director (department manager, department manager, etc.) who reports directly to the department to which you belong.  Even if you are a reliable partner, it is not good to tell your colleagues and other departments responsible in advance.  Even if by any chance it is reported from other people that you retire to your boss, your boss's position will disappear.  Let's always tell the direct supervisor to tell the intention of retiring at first.

How to deliver a retirement application and timing

Please tell the direct supervisor that you want time to talk with e-mail beforehand by e-mail, talking in a private room avoiding eye-catching.  When reporting to a boss when it is a TV drama, there may be an image that confronts a retirement request  , but submit a withdrawal application after "the date of retirement is officially decided" .  When I check the schedule and flow in the future such as the month of the first negotiations, the number of days to retire, what to submit to the retirement petition to whom, the need to talk with whom until retirement , Retirement negotiations will be easier to progress smoothly.

★ Point here

When cutting out retirement, it is not "consultation" but "reporting" stance

When talking about retirement to an immediate boss, let's tell stories with a stance of "I have something I want to report" rather than cutting out "I have consultation" and strongly tell you that my intention to retire is firm.  I am exhausted as retirement negotiations prolong.  In the first interview, we decided not to speak "Please let me quit" "I want to quit ...", but I am determined that my determination to retire as "I will retire", "I decided to retire" etc. Attitude to appeal is important.

To draw a shake, with a sense of unwavering

Let's assume beforehand that if you cut down the story of retirement, it will match with the drawback.  Sometimes a phone call comes in and may be caught from a boss, as well as a recruiter at the time of entering the company and a senior who has taken care of him.  Basically it is a thing that gives up if it is in vain whether there is a strong intention to join the next company, trying to withdraw from circle despite being stopped.  Let's be conscious as you look, with unwavering preparedness.  There is no need to dare to fight, so it is a point to tell the will of retirement while setting up your boss.

3. General flow until retirement

Under the provisions of the Civil Code (Article 627, Paragraph 1), it is obliged to submit retirement applications at least two weeks in advance.  However, taking into consideration the retirement procedure and the time taken to hand over the work, it is recommended to start acting as soon as possible.  Here, I will introduce the general flow until retirement.

Confirm retirement provision / 2 to 1 month ago

If you decide to retire, let's first check the "retirement provision" stated in your employment regulations.  For example, if it says that "an offer is made up to one month before retirement", let's offer a retirement as it is.

Consultation on retirement date / 1 month ago ~

I will tell my immediate superiors my intent to retire and decide the retirement date for how long I will work.  Consider the time taken to take over work and the date of hiring of your new employer, let's make it a reasonable schedule.  Since it affects preparation for acceptance of a company to change, we do not change fundamentally once we decide once the hiring date.

Submission of retirement application / Company and consultation required

Depending on the company, you may be asked to submit the prescribed documents under the employment rules, so in that case let's submit the written document according to the regulations.  Many companies have stated that the retirement application is submitted as "one month before the retirement date", so it is good to prepare in advance by the deadline.  When handling a retirement application, let's hand it directly rather than leaving it at the boss's desk.

Work taking over / one month ago ~

When a retirement application is accepted, I will start working as soon as possible.  It is also conceivable that persons in charge of succession can not be decided immediately, so it is recommended that you create materials so that you can take over your work without delay in whatever they are in charge of.  Let me elaborate on details of the work of your work and the progress of work.  In the case of a sales position, it is a good idea to list information such as "what kind of story did you talk about" "what kind of personality do you have" in the charge customer list?  By carefully putting it together in writing, you can tell the good faith to the company who took care of us.

Greeting to business partner around / 2 weeks ago ~

We will respond to greetings to our business partners according to the company's intention.  Also, when the successor was decided, I requested the accompanying bank.  When referring to a business partner, if you say that the successor is "a reliable person", etc., the business partner can be relieved and the successor should be able to work more easily.

4. What to prepare before submitting a retirement application

It is a place where I want to receive retirement applications smoothly in order to make a regular leave.  However, if envelopes and letter paper notes are dirty, or they are insane, the receiving side will memorize some stuff.  That's why  when writing retirement aim, it is important to aim for "envelopes and stationery with as little risk as possible" .  Here I will introduce what I will prepare before I start writing, aiming for a retirement request without horns.


Type of envelope: White solid plain double envelope with no postal number frame

An envelope suitable for putting a retirement request is "white solid color".  Even with the same white envelope, let's avoid avoiding as much as possible the one with the red frame "□□□ - □□□□" which writes the postal code.  What is called a "white envelope" "double envelope", which is double-structured with purple paper etc. whose contents can not be seen, is said to be appropriate.

A light brown color "tea envelope" made of kraft paper is often used for administrative purposes and is cheaper than white envelope, so it is said that putting a retirement request is a manner violation.

Size of envelope: different depending on paper

Envelopes are divided according to shape and size, such as Long Form ○, Square ○ ○ and so on.  It is a good idea to prepare an envelope that fits exactly the size of the paper you are using.  It is common for retirement applications to be enclosed in "three folds" on envelopes.  Choosing a smaller envelope that can be hidden in your pocket, such as B5 size, makes it easier to put in a suit breast pocket and so on.

~ When outputting from personal computer ~
  • A4 paper ... long form 3 (120 x 235 mm, long 3 envelope)
  • B5 Paper ... Long Shape No. 4 (90 × 205 mm. Length 4 envelope)
~ When writing handwritten notes ~
  • A4 Stationery (210 × 297 mm) ... Long shape No. 3 (120 × 235 mm, long 3 envelopes)
  • B5 Stationery (182 × 257 mm) ... Long shape No. 4 (90 × 205 mm. Long 4 envelopes)


Let's use copy paper or letter paper.  There is no need to stick to the material of the paper, but the paper color should be easy to read white.  When using paper letters with handwriting, there is a choice of whether or not a ruled line is entered or not, but there is no problem whether ruled lines are entered or not.  If you are not good at writing letters straight on plain paper, I recommend you enter the ruled line.

Writing utensils

Writing utensils used in retirement applications have no particular restrictions other than "using black".  However, the brush pen, magic, and felt pen are thick and distinguishable.  If you want to retire without horns, it would be better to use "ballpoint pen" or "fountain pen".

clear file

The white envelope is dirty and folds are noticeable.  Until just before submitting it, it is a good idea to carry it in a clear file.

5. Precautions before writing "retirement request" "retirement notification"

Before writing "retirement application" "retirement notification", the first thing to note is "employment rules" of companies that are enrolled.  There are many cases where deadlines to submit "retirement request" and "retirement notification" are stated, and some companies have rules to submit up to "two months in advance" of the desired retirement date.

Legally, there is no problem with the application two weeks before retirement, but retirement negotiations may occur due to the company's decision.  Please be sure to check your employment rules so as not to increase labor.

How to put in an envelope

How to fold stationery (points)

  1. Fold the part where the letter is written on the surface, and fold from the bottom so that the upper right is at the top.
  2. Let's adjust the width basically so that it enters the envelope in three folds.  If the width of the envelope is narrow, you can fold it and enclose it.
  3. Let's fold carefully so that chopsticks of paper letters overlap with chitin.

Orientation in envelope (procedure)

  1. Enclose so that the top right hand side of the letterhead comes to the top of the face on which the letterhead's address was written.
  2. Put on the envelope and paste it so that wrinkles do not get close.
  3. I will write "〆" in the place where you paste.

6. Retirement application · How to write an envelope

Depending on the company, there may be a fixed form, so let's first check the "retirement provision" described in the employment regulations.  In many cases there is no format.  It is common for retirement applications to be handwritten on white paper, in vertical writing with black ballpoint pen or fountain pen.  Here I will show you how to write retirement applications by item.

How to write a retirement application

How to write a retirement application (procedure)

  1. I write "Retirement Request" at the beginning.  Try to write somewhat larger than other characters, in the middle of the line, or slightly above it.
  2. Let's write one line from the title written as "retirement request" and write it as "private affairs" or "personalities" at the bottom.  It means "Although it is a warming ... ...."
  3. There is no need to write down the reason for retirement.  For whatever reason it's better to write "for personal reasons."
  4. We will list the retirement date in the Japanese calendar (Heisei Year).
  5. Retirement application is a "request for retirement" document, so it is better not to say "retire".  I'd like to "thank you" in a form to make inquiries.
  6. Describe the date of submitting a retirement application in Japanese calendar.
  7. Write department / affiliation department at the time of retirement.  Let's write down a little bit so that your name comes below the last president's name.
  8. I will imprint after my name.  There are no problems with three sentences, but let's avoid shachihata.
  9. Write the official name of the company.
  10. The address will be president and stated with full name.  The honorific name uses "Hono" or "Mr."
  11. When writing is completed, check whether there are spelling errors.  If you should make a mistake, do not use a correction pen and let's rewrite it on new paper again.

Sample of retirement application

How to write envelopes

Writing an envelope (procedure)

  1. Let's write only "retirement request" on the surface of the envelope.  It is good to be conscious of the position slightly above the center.
  2. On the bottom left of the back side, write your department / affiliation department and full name.  An address is not necessary.
  3. If it is personal delivery, you can seal the envelope or not.  However, when using an envelope with "glue sticker", it is better to seal it because of the appearance problem.
  4. When enveloping the envelope, write "shopping" so that it flaps over the center of the back of the envelope.

7. Frequently Asked Questions on "Notification of Retirement" and "Retirement Request"

Is it possible to withdraw the "retirement application" I submitted?

Even if it is requested that the applicant withdraw from the "retirement application" once accepted by the company, the company is not obliged to respond to the cancellation of "retirement application".  However, since the way of thinking and judgment of "acceptance" differs depending on the company, I think whether you can consult with personnel officers or boss once.

»Career Change Q & A | Can I withdraw the" Retirement Request "I submitted?

Can I change the retirement date after the retirement date is decided?

About retirement time It is difficult to change by self-ownership because it will be a contract with the company side.  However, depending on the company, there are also cases that it responds, so how about having a consultation once?

»Career Change Q & A | Can I change my retirement date after my retirement date has been decided?

Can I retire if I can not accept a retirement request?

It is said that the civil law "to indicate intention to retire two weeks before the retirement day".  Therefore, if you are making an intention to retire more than two weeks ago, you can retire regardless of acceptance of retirement notification.

»Career Change Q & A | Can not Retire if You Can not Receive a Retirement Request?

I will soon negotiate.  Should I tell my retirement intention?

If there are no job takers, there is a possibility that a period of not having a job will occur.  Therefore, it is safe to tell from retirement intention intention after it comes out.

»Job change jobs Q & A |  Should I tell my retirement intention?

Do I have to retire according to the employment regulations?

In the Civil Code, it is stipulated to express resignation by the 14th day before the desired retirement day, so if you keep it, the company can not bind it.  However, we recommend that you follow the rules of employment as much as possible, in order to withdraw from office after a mutual agreement.

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