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۱ مطلب با کلمه‌ی کلیدی «secretary» ثبت شده است

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"Secretary" which is one of the popular occupations in clerical work. Because there is qualification such as "secretarial test", you may often have the impression that special skills and qualifications are necessary to become a secretary. Then, how is it actually? This time we will introduce the work contents of the secretary, what kind of skills you will acquire through work, what kind of career you get on, etc.

The secretary includes a "corporate secretary" to assist executives of the company, a "medical secretary" to assist management and doctors of medical institutions, a "law secretary" to assist lawyers and judicial scrivener, and other "political secretaries" , "School secretary" etc. There are various kinds.

The detailed work content differs depending on the job of the boss, but the common mission to any secretary is to support the superiors' work and support them so that the boss can focus on the role that the boss should originally play.

In general the common things are as follows.

▼ Schedule management

I manage my boss's schedule. The point is how to make a schedule group that can work efficiently. If you are a boss with many business trips, we will arrange for all passports, tickets and accommodations.

▼ Telephone · Mail and visitor correspondence

We will receive primary phone calls and e-mails addressed to our bosses and respond to visitors.

▼ Information management

Choose from information that is full of society and tell timely information that may be useful to your boss. Information management includes preparation of materials used for meetings, filing so that the boss can instantaneously check the information.

▼ Improvement of personal environment

Your boss will prepare an environment where you can work easily. For example, secretarial work is to create a space where bosses can work smoothly, such as arranging desks and furniture and air conditioning.

The majority of the work common to secretaries is behind the scenes, but with the secretary, the boss can concentrate on the task. It can be said that secretaries are indispensable for the development of their organization.

■ What skills will you acquire when becoming a secretary?

Many of the skills necessary for work in a secretary are the general ability required of a business person. However, you can acquire that ability at a higher level by doing business by the management team and others.

▼ Communication skills

The secretary is, so to speak, a relay to connect with the boss. By secretary building a good human relationship with the surroundings, it helps to connect the boss's relationship.

To that end, it is not merely to be able to tune on the spot, but it is necessary to communicate in consideration of the face and name of stakeholders, specialty fields, hobbies, etc. Although there may be many standpoints of my boss's representation, chances to communicate with people outside the company will increase, so I can make many connections outside the company.

▼ Hospitality

To make it easier for the boss to work, it is useful if you can act actively on your own thinking or thinking carefully and thinking carefully.

▼ Information processing ability

PC skills such as Word · Excel are indispensable for material creation, and accuracy without mistake is also required. In addition, we need the ability to sort out information and summarize it so that our boss can understand it.

▼ English language skills and knowledge of foreign cultures

Although it varies depending on the organization, more and more companies are engaged with foreign countries year by year. In order to fulfill the role of the pipe between the overseas and the boss, the secretary himself is also required to understand language skills and cross-cultural attitudes.

■ Does a secretary require a qualification?

Many of those who aim for secretaries are qualified as "secretarial skills test" or "CBS test". By being qualified, it will prove that you have knowledge of the business manners necessary for the secretary, but not qualification is absolutely necessary.

■ How to become a secretary from inexperience?

If you want to challenge your secretary from inexperience, let's look for a job seeker for "inexperience welcome" at your change job site.

As employment form, there seems to be a lot of recruitment for "temporary staff / contract employees" rather than "regular employees", but there is also a good possibility of becoming a "full-time employee" if they are allowed to contribute to the organization.

If you want to stick to the employment form of "full-time employees" from work, there is also a way to hire a job in a secretary once you join in a different job.

■ When becoming a secretary, what kind of career will you win?

If it is the same organization, there is a way to promote as a secretary, such as assisting higher executives. While taking advantage of the experience as a secretary and the network that he has cultivated, he may occasionally assume the managerial position of another department.

If you are outside of the company, it seems that some people find new careers by taking advantage of secretarial experience, serving as a lecturer for manner training and managing a training company.

What do you think? Through work, not only as a business person but also a secretarial work that human skills are likely to be polished. If you are interested, please try challenging regardless of whether you are qualified.

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