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Brand building, 5 tips

First of all, why is brand important for companies? How should we tackle brand building? And what is brand · Japan survey on how you perceive brands? It is a recommendation from five brand · Japan planning committee. The first tip is from David A. Arker, a special adviser.

Brand building the strongest prescription under the low growth era

Mr. David A. Arker continuing to give deep remarks as a special adviser to the planning committee for a long time from the planning of Brand Japan has sent messages from Japan and San Francisco to the Japanese people involved in brand building It was.

Brand building is the strongest prescription in the age of low growth and it is necessary to overcome "isolation and competition" due to the "silo" (vertically divided) problem with "cooperation and communication" in order to push the approach, It is Yale to brand representative. Please have a look.

This video letter was screened at the beginning of the seminar of "How to bring innovation to create the top brand seminar brand seminar 15th anniversary issue of" Brand Japan "(held on April 17, 2015).

The true value of inner branding and brand loyalty

I am appointed as a corporate brand owner, but I do not know what to do from hand. I know the importance of making brands, but I do not know how to involve all employees. I think that improvement of brand power is indispensable for improving profit, but its importance was neglected, budget of brand building was cut by the weak performance of company. I do not think there are many brand staff who have such troubles.

To these concerns, Mr. Aaker will send frank advice. Inner · branding (in-house awareness reform) is an important initiative that plays the core of brand building, and that there are two challenges to be challenged. When performance is sluggish, it is necessary to look towards brand loyalty. Mr. Aaker warms his speech.

From the future of digital utilization and brand building

Ale from Mr. Aaker concludes with two topics that are indispensable for thinking about future brand building.

The first topic is about the utilization of "digital" whose importance is increased further in the future. While discussing the possibilities from the four perspectives, discussions that return to essence are essential when considering the utilization of the media as "the discussion on what kind of media should be used is not very important" Just in case.

The second topic is how the environment surrounding the "brand" changes in ten years. We will list three points of change in the consumer trend that can occur in the future and introduce the points to pay attention to in order to promote brand building from that point of view.

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