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Let's concretely look at the formulation of the marketing strategy that Company A conducted against the "six processes" mentioned at the beginning.



<Analysis of Information>

(1. Marketing Environment Analysis 2. Identification of Marketing Tasks) When 

we analyze the environment of Company A, internally there is the advantage of "community-based type", on the other hand, It is inferior to the scale and the number of stores ".


As a result, we have concluded that there is no way to survive if competing bargain sale with major companies in the current situation, and should be differentiated on their own lines.


Marketing challenges are "improving profitability".



<Drafting strategy>

(3. Selection of target market 4. Positioning 5. Optimization of marketing · mix) 

Company A's attention as a segmentation is the elderly who targeted the area around the store.


In the case of the form of selling at a store, it is necessary to come to the shop by all means, but by putting emphasis on direct visit and delivery service, repair and maintenance, we decided to establish the image of the electric shop that is reliable at the time of emergency .


Also, as sales volumes at stores are expected to decline, we have also decided to focus on mail order through the Internet.


As a result, it became possible to put only a minimum number of personnel in the store, and it became unnecessary to carry stock carelessly.


It became possible to correspond to the elderly in the area by the catalog, and to the far side by the net.




(6. Formulation of execution plan) In 

executing the marketing strategy, we decided to make effective use of existing resources without cost as much as possible.


For example, we minimize the number of personnel in the store and put our efforts into visiting sales.


Instead of reducing inventory management costs, it will be turned to Internet-related expenses such as web sites and sales systems, and so on.


In addition, we are changing not only the number of sales as we have hitherto but also the checking system, such as setting the final profit margin as the target.



【Analysis Planning and Execution Process】 In

developing a marketing strategy, it was necessary to go through processes of analysis, planning, and execution.


Then, in the end, we will explain each process in detail.


Although the final conclusion differs depending on industry type, scale, environment, market, there is no big difference in the process to be done at the time of strategy formulation.


Let's understand firmly so that it can actually be applied.


<1. Marketing Environment Analysis> In environmental analysis of

marketing, it is important to organize the opportunities and threats in the market, to grasp their strengths and weaknesses, and to lead to a comprehensive strategy.


As a framework you can take advantage of SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) .


Furthermore, we will calculate the problem from the analysis result.


Marketing strategy formulation process



<2. Identification of marketing tasks> After

marketing environment analysis, let's clarify the "problem identification" on what kind of problem you want to solve by marketing before conducting detailed analysis.


I think whether it can be judged comparatively easily if you confirm the company's strengths and weaknesses revealed by environmental analysis, or opportunities and threats in the market.


In doing so, if it turns out that there are multiple issues to be addressed, let's not forget to give priority.


Otherwise, when judging what to prioritize, the recognition of individuals will be blurred, making it difficult to obtain the desired result.


It is important to share ideal goals across the company in order to ultimately execute and achieve results.


Marketing is not done by some people alone, is it?

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Marketing will start from the market or customers.


On that assumption, no matter how good the product or manufacturing/development technology you have, you can not start to make products and services suddenly.


In order to properly approach markets and customers, it is necessary to take steps to analyze information, to plan and execute, and to execute.


As in the past, like a factory like "You can sell if you make good goods and services" "It will be purchased if you gain awareness," "You will be chosen better than others if you know the goodness", or from a supplier-oriented perspective , We can not do business activities that produce results.


It is a contemporary feature that the market is saturated, and things and services are overflowing.


That's why we need marketing.


The concrete process of marketing is classified into the following six.


<Process for developing marketing strategy>

1. Marketing environment analysis

2. Identification of marketing issues

3. Selection of target market

4. Positioning

5. Optimization of marketing · mix

6. Formulation of the execution plan


Thinking about in a big framework, "1. Marketing environment analysis", "2. Identification of marketing task" is the stage of analyzing information, "3. Target Market Selection", "4. Positioning", "5. Marketing · Mix optimization "is a planning plan, and" 6. Execution plan formulation "is the execution phase.


Comment on the individual elements will be done in the second half, so please first grasp the general flow.



Let's deepen our understanding of the marketing strategy formulation process through concrete examples.


Why do you have to go through six steps? "" What kind of things can be obtained in each process? "



A, a medium-sized home electronics mass merchandiser, is a long-established store that has been in operation for more than 50 years since its establishment, but management is under pressure due to the recent expansion of large stores.


Just simply selling excellent household appliances announced by Japanese manufacturers at retail prices as they are is no longer able to compete with major players who are planning to use thin economies using the economies of scale .


In order to overcome this situation, Z, the founding president, decided to change the fundamental policy on sales strategy.


In the way it used to be, it is inevitable that it is inevitable that it will become dilapidated anyway.


However, I am just holding a head on what kind of sales strategy should be implemented.


Without a specific strategy, time alone will pass.


Well, there was a proposal as to whether to adopt marketing theory from Y employee.


Mr. Y is a one-time sales clerk in the store, but it is a fierce employee who always achieves the goal every week.


Especially, it was highly appreciated by the company because it has a reputation for recommending products to regular customers, and has achieved a sure result even with a small number of visitors.


According to Y's proposal, in order to break through the current situation, it is necessary to formulate a marketing strategy from the beginning.


It takes time.


As a result, the surroundings showed a bad color, but the president of Z who was seeking a fundamental policy change decided to accept the proposal.


Either way, it is clear that the business performance of the company is getting worse as it is.


When deciding the marketing strategy, I decided to do it with the flow of information analysis, strategy planning, execution plan.


It certainly took a while, but in the coming months it was able to properly reflect the strengths not found in other companies, and the company was also brisk.


The marketing strategy of Company A is still to come, but it is a result that we can see a glimpse of the effect.


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Let's further deepen our understanding of the meaning or necessity of marketing through examples.



Mr. A working as a salesperson at a major insurance company had a headache in sharply reducing the number of sales in recent years.


Even though we could easily get large contracts by simply opening up business to a factory or a factory, in modern times, no matter how many companies or factories we were going through it was quite successful not.


Moreover, the pressure from the company is getting stronger.


If the results worsen like this, it will hurt your life.


So Mr. A decided to listen to Mr. B, a former colleague who switched to an Internet life insurance company F.


F company is a fast-growing company, despite being a start-up company, in the last few years it has not quite closed to other life insurance companies.


Perhaps I thought that the mainstream of future insurance would be the net, and decided to explore the reasons for good performance.


Mr. A who is listening to the secret of popularity of F company in a straightforward way with a public talk.


So it was the word "marketing" that jumped out of Mr. B's mouth.


Mr. B: Actually, in fact, the fact that the insurance industry is suffering in recent years is a fact. Everywhere the performance is sluggish is the same. In our case, I think that being able to contract on the net is only an element to the last. Besides that, I think that it is important that the idea such as "what customers are seeking" and "what kind of products can be provided for the demand" is fundamental. In other words, it is marketing. I want to sell "I want to sell", it is not time to buy.



Indeed, the characteristic of F company is that it is possible to contract for life insurance on the Internet, but in fact, because the precise marketing was carried out, performance was upward.


Mr. A did not notice the point and he thought that it was easy to say, "Can you sell it if you sell on the Internet?"


However, it was admonished by Mr. B.


From now on, as a strategy that Mr. A can take, it is likely to select the target customer and provide the optimal product according to the wants (desire) while exploring the needs (necessary).


Alternatively, if marketing is difficult on an individual basis, you can appeal the necessity to the company.


One proposal is that the Internet can be utilized for young people.


【Difference between "Needs" and "Wants"】 It

is about the difference between the need (needs) and the desire (wants) , which is important in understanding marketing .


Although each nuance is similar word, when thinking about approach to a customer, it is impossible to build a correct strategy without being able to say the difference between them.


Here again, let's grasp the difference between the two.


<Needs (needs)>

Humans are constantly looking for something.


It depends on time and occasion, but if you are thirsty you will want water, and if you get hungry you will ask for food.


In addition to such physiological necessity, we may ask for brand products because they are "owned by everyone" and sometimes ask for "to live more conveniently" cars I guess.


As you can see, the need for feelings rooted in the necessity of human beings is their needs.


The characteristic of needs is that the objects are not necessarily individual specific things.


Just because you are thirsty does not necessarily mean that water is necessarily.


Some people want juice and coffee.


In business, it is important not to pay attention only to the customer's superficial needs, but to dig further.


What is marketing?


<Wants (Wants)>

On the other hand, wants is the desire that arises when the needs are materialized as real products.


Water and coffee for the thirsty needs and bread and rice for the needs of being hungry.


By firmly grasping customer needs, we will be able to provide more optimum wants.


However, what is subject to Wants is not necessarily an existing product.


There are many things that products that make use of new technologies that we have not seen yet stimulate customers' wants.


That is why companies are announcing new products one by one, and the pursuit of Wants is a factor that exerts a great influence on the competitiveness of companies.


What is marketing?



· Age when modern can not be sold simply by making products and services 

· "customer thinking" is important rather than "seller thinking" 

· marketing starts from "customers" 

· customers "needs (needs)" The one that embodied it and "Desire (Wants)"


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