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Improve sales, and what will eventually change?
In this e-mail magazine, I have told you 
that " 
We should target sales and cash flows rather than standards and targets for sales, " but we 
do not assume that we should neglect sales.

In order to survive the company, the cash deposit is necessary for the management to be relieved, and in order to 
continue to increase the cash deposit, first, profit is necessary.

It is not a matter of how much sales and how much profit it is, 
it is 
important to have a viewpoint on how to structure sales, in order to leave any profit .

So, under this premise, how should you think about sales?

Sales = unit price × number
Sales will eventually be paid by the customer of the company, which will remain
as a profit and cash deposit. 
Sales are the most important factor for a company, and it is the life activity itself of a company.

In corporations, it is important to set sales targets for 
businesses, sales targets for shops and products, and sales targets for each employee while disassembling sales into purchase unit price and purchase number and adding repeat number (rate) to 
it It is well done.

However, it is 
difficult to judge whether the aimed targets are really appropriate .

Apart from the viewpoint of unit price x number, 
it is necessary to think about the factor of fluctuation in sales with a view that another thing can be changed from own company .

It is a 
clue to improve and improve grasping the response to the established goal by thinking about factors that cause fluctuations in sales at their own company .

What are the five sales variation factors?
1. It is a mono 
item or service to sell . 
It is 
important to think about not only the products and services that are present but also things about future products and services .

Person to sell It is a viewpoint as to whether the seller can stay as it is. 
For 30% and 33% of sales closing rates, for sales representatives, only 3% difference, 
10% difference as new sales acquisition is a big difference for management. 
I will understand this and 
think about "Will you concentrate on a good customer," "Human ability to raise it up", "Which is totally different person in charge?"

3. Where to 
sell It is a place to sell . 
Consider not only the location of the store and the exhibition hall but also what type is better , such as store type, event type or visiting type, or the Internet.

4. When to sell 
When to sell, is how to take the timing.

5. How to sell It is about 
marketing and customer service method. 
We are asked to 
establish and 
improve the flow that will not stop customers from knowing more about their products and services and also the flow until they are linked to sales .

Basically, this is only 5 items. 
Depending on the company, 'selling price' enters, but in small and medium-sized enterprises, the 
right to decide the price is very limited, so change the 
five items rather than think as "change the price to sell" , the value of the whole goes up As a result, 
it is more practical to improve the unit price . 
You do not have to think about the price to sell from the beginning.

Please consider whether there is something you can change for each item about your company .

Improvement plan will come up with a little head arrangement.

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